CD Formulation provides comprehensive formulation development and analytical services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, we also provide a series of conventional excipients and multi-functional excipients or co-processing excipients.

Our research team is composed of pharmaceutical experts, including Chemists, Biochemists, Engineers, and highly qualified operators. They not only have the expertise of formulation development, but also have a depth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and contract service organizations. They will serve you all the way to ensure to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and time-saving solutions.



Preformulation is an investigation of the physical and chemical properties of a drug substance when used alone or combined with excipients. Early prediction of these properties will generate information useful to the formulator in developing stable and safe dosage forms with good bioavailability. CD Formulation can provide tailored and rational preformulation analysis services.


Formulation Development

Pharmaceutical formulation is the process, which combines the pharmaceutically active ingredient and selected inactive ingredients together to produce a drug product. CD Formulation can provide our customers with the most cost-effective and time-saving services of formulation development, which include: solids dosage forms development, semi-solids dosage forms development and liquids dosage forms.



Drug analytical plays an important role in the drug development process and GMP manufacturing, because it can determine whether the drug is safe and meets the regulatory requirements, and ensuring the final drug quality. CD Formulation can provide you with a comprehensive range of drug analytical services. In addition, we are also able to develop tailored methods of the drug analytical that will meet your specific needs.


Custom Pharmaceutical Excipients

An excipient is any component, other than an active substance, that is present in or used in the manufacture of a drug product. With the continuous expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, traditional excipients are difficult to meet market demand. In order to meet the needs of pharmaceutical market development, CD Formulation provide customized services of multi-functional excipients or co-processing excipients.


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