Effervescent Tablets Development

Nutraceuticals are a class of foods or dietary supplements that can be consumed on a regular basis. Typically, nutraceuticals are used for preventive and wellness purposes. The active ingredients in nutraceuticals can include herbal or natural products as well as chemical synthetics. Major nutraceuticals include vitamins, minerals, botanical supplements, and non-botanical nutritional supplements. Nutraceuticals have functions including immunomodulation, delaying aging, improving memory, promoting growth and fertility, anti-fatigue, weight loss, hypoxia tolerance, anti-radiation, anti-mutagenesis, regulating blood lipids, aiding tumor suppression, preventing chemogenic effects, improving sexual function, regulating blood sugar, improving gastrointestinal function, improving sleep, improving nutritional anemia, promoting lactation, cosmetology, improving vision, promoting lead excretion, etc. CD Formulation can formulate micronutrient supplements into effervescent tablets and develop effervescent tablets.

Effervescent Tablets Development

Effervescent Tablets Preparation Methods

  • Wet granulation and tablet pressing

Wet granulation and tablet pressing can be divided into two methods: wet granulation of acid and alkali separately and tablet pressing after mixing and wet granulation and tablet pressing of acid and alkali mixture, with the first method, the reaction between acid and alkali contact during operation can be avoided to the greatest extent, which is beneficial to the stability of effervescent tablets.

  • Dry granulation and tablet pressing

This method is simple and does not require the addition of binder, which can effectively avoid the mutual contact between the acid source and carbon source and water in the drug, so that the product has good stability and disintegration, and can reduce pollution to a certain extent.

  • Direct tablet pressing method

The raw materials and excipients are sieved and mixed separately and then directly pressed into tablets. This method is simple and can be used for health care products with unstable moisture and heat.

  • Non-water granulation and tablet pressing

This method is simpler than wet granulation and tablet pressing, with short disintegration time and good stability.

Our Services

CD Formulation can provide professional development of health care effervescent tablets, including formulation screening, formulation optimization, and customization of effervescent tablets, along with testing services for effervescent tablets. We specialize in providing a full range of services to simplify the process of effervescent tablet development for our clients.

Service contents

Process flow of health effervescent tablet preparation

  • Crushing of raw and auxiliary materials

The purpose of crushing is to make the raw and auxiliary ingredients as homogeneous as possible and to increase the disintegration speed of the final product.

  • Mixing

The material must be mixed uniformly in a mixer.

  • Determination of effervescent tablet formulation

Orthogonal experiments are carried out to optimize the formulation and determine the best effervescent tablet formulation.

  • Selection of lubricant

To examine the effect of different lubricants, select the most suitable lubricant and observe the effect of pressure.

  • Tablet pressing

Determine the formulation of raw materials and excipients, mix them well and press the tablets.

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