Skin pH Test

CD Formulation performs a skin pH test with a skin tester. Skin pH is determined by the combination of water-soluble substances in the stratum corneum, sweat, water-soluble oil layer on the skin surface, and carbon dioxide emissions. Maintaining the skin in a normal weakly acidic state protects the skin from bacterial attack. Regular testing of the skin's pH is important for studying the effects of cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceuticals on the skin.

Skin pH Test

What is Skin pH?

The surface of the skin is often weakly acidic due to the presence of acids such as urea, uric acid, salts, lactic acid, amino acids, and free fatty acids on the surface of human skin. Healthy skin PH value should be between 4.5-6.5 skin only in the normal PH value range, that is, in a weakly acidic in order to make the skin in the absorption of nutrients in the best state, the skin at this time the ability to resist external aggression as well as the elasticity, luster, moisture, and so on are the best state. Skin surface of this weakly acidic environment on the acid, alkali have a certain buffering capacity, known as the skin's ability to neutralize. The stronger the skin's neutralizing ability, the better it protects our skin. On the contrary, the weaker the neutralizing ability of the skin, the more allergies, redness, itchy skin and other symptoms.

Skin pH Test

Measured by potentiometric method, using a reference electrode and a glass electrode to form a special probe with a galvanometer mounted inside, the galvanometer can measure a small potential difference in a circuit with a very high resistance, which is the pH of the skin.

Effective assessment of the pH of cosmetics, but also to assess the use of cosmetics on the skin pH neutralization effect of moisturizing, anti-aging, spot whitening, acne, sensitive repair and other cosmetic efficacy assessment; medical care, such as dermatology, laser therapy, fruit acid peeling also have the same clinical assessment and research and teaching of important indicators.

Importance of Skin pH Test

  • The use of detergents can change the pH of the skin epidermis and cause skin sensitivity. Skin pH testing is used to assess the skin irritation caused by detergents.
  • Lower pH products, higher pH products are more irritating to the skin and the irritation of such products can be assessed by testing the change in skin pH.
  • Some hormonal medications can also affect the pH of the epidermis.

How to Maintain Normal pH

The natural pH of the skin surface comes from the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands and acids such as lactic acid and succinic acid produced by the metabolism of keratinocytes. When too much oil is produced, the lipid film on the surface of the skin is too thick, which prevents sweat and dead skin cells from exiting the surface of the skin, resulting in an increase in the pH of the surface of the skin. Too much or too little oil can interfere with the normal metabolism and protective functions of the skin. Moderate oil secretion can maintain the pH value of the skin and the integrity of the protective barrier, which is conducive to the health and beauty of the skin.

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