Powder Health Products Development

CD Formulation offers a range of development services for dietary supplement products. We strive to maintain the natural quality of health and nutrition in our supplements, infusing a wealth of manufacturing expertise and excellence to maintain hygiene and quality throughout the process. Powder health products are a common product approach for sports supplements. Among them, protein powder sports supplements are the most popular products, and other hot products such as collagen powder and collagen peptides are also available. CD Formulation can provide flavor development, formulation development and other services for health products to meet the batch needs of different industries in a timely manner.

Powder Health Products Development

Our Services

Powder health products are in strong demand, and all powdered products are available with unique flavor and sweetener options. These additives are available in both natural and artificial forms. If you decide to customize the flavor, our flavor experts will provide recommendations for special formulation flavors.

The following forms of product development services are currently available from our nutraceutical developers.

  • Development of specific flavored health products
  • Formulation modification of powder health products
  • Evaluation of natural and synthetic nutraceutical ingredients

Preparation of powder health products

Powder health products are constantly being optimized to support different health needs. Our R&D department has a variety of ways to mix powder formulations, so you can find the best formula for your product with us. For all types of powder health products, our program starts with the same production process. In addition, the raw materials used are sourced from high quality suppliers so that the taste of the finished powder can reach the same high level.

Why do We Need Health Products?

The traditional diet, characterized by a high intake of processed meat, refined grains, corn and high-sugar beverages, still suffers from nutritional deficiencies that, according to studies, have a significant impact on various health indicators. Although the best solution is to change dietary habits, according to recent studies, with the growth of modern agricultural technology and soil degradation, the nutrient density of our healthy whole foods is getting lower and lower, and even a well-planned and disciplined diet may not be the answer. Nutraceuticals are the fundamental solution to the growing food nutrient deficiencies, low cellular health and other health indicators.

The Downside of not Getting Adequate Nutrition

How we fuel our bodies is the foundation of health and one of the most manageable ways to achieve lifelong health and vitality. Our inability to provide the nutrients we give our bodies will have a significant negative impact on our mood and overall health. Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world and can lead to extreme fatigue and weakness. Not meeting the recommended daily intake of calcium is a major factor in osteoporosis and heart-related disease. Vitamin A is essential for eye health and function.

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