Safety Test

Safety Test

Cosmetics are daily-use chemical products in direct contact with the human body, which are used for a long time and by a wide range of people. If there are any side effects, cosmetics have a longer-lasting effect on the human body than topical medicines and can be more harmful to the human body. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of cosmetic products for long-term use and to prevent cosmetic products from damaging the human skin area. CD Formulation can provide cosmetic product safety tests, including Photopatch Test, Human Skin Patch Test, Occlusive patch test, Repeat Open Application Test and Human Repeated Application Test.

Test Contents

Photopatch test is a method to diagnose and study sunlight-induced skin diseases such as Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis (PACD) through the detection of contact photodamage, which plays an important role in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

Cosmetics come into direct contact with the surface of the human body during use, and if something goes wrong with the product, it can lead to serious consequences including skin reactions. For this reason, a number of tests must be conducted before a cosmetic product can be marketed to ensure its safety in use. A common cosmetic safety test is the patch test, which examines the likelihood of a subject causing an adverse skin reaction in humans.

The Occlusive patch test is a skin patch test used to identify contact allergies. The test consists of applying a small amount of the suspected allergen to the skin and covering it with a closed patch. The patch is left on for a period of time and then removed. Any resulting skin reaction is then examined and evaluated.

For depigmenting cosmetics and powdered (e.g., powder, foundation) sunscreen cosmetics, repeat open application patch testing should be an option when irritation results or results are difficult to determine in a human skin patch test.

CD Formulation offers HRIPT services as part of its comprehensive safety testing portfolio. The test consists of applying the test material to the volunteer's skin and repeating the application over a period of several weeks. Following an induction period, a rest period is given, followed by a stimulus application to determine if sensitization has occurred.

Test Product Requirements

The product should complete the necessary safety evaluation prior to testing to ensure that it does not pose a hazard to the human health of the subject under normal, foreseeable circumstances; and second, interfering information on the product packaging that would influence the consumer's evaluation of the use of the product's efficacy claims should be removed in accordance with the purpose of the test. After testing, the test product is recovered as needed and retained as required.

Test Program Design

The experimental design should comply with the principles of randomization, control, replication and blinding. Randomization means random sampling and random grouping, which can ensure the independence of the experimental data; control can make the non-experimental effects cancel each other out and truly reflect the effect of the experimental factors; repetition means that the sample size should be large enough to control the random error in the experiment; and blinding prevents the research subjects from knowing what kind of treatments they have been given and avoids the experiments from being influenced by subjective factors.

CD Formulation, as a professional cosmetic products and services provider, has specialized equipment and technology, combined with years of rich experience in product testing, can provide customers with multi-faceted solutions. If you are interested in our services, feel free to contact us and we can provide customized services for your project.

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