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Since drug molecules usually have different solid forms, including salts, polycrystals, eutectic, amorphous, hydrates and solvent compounds; moreover, different crystal forms of the same drug molecule may have significant differences in properties such as crystal structure, stability, producibility and bioavailability, which directly affect the efficacy and exploitability of the drug. If the best crystalline form is not well evaluated and selected for development, crystalline changes may occur in the late clinical stage, resulting in significant financial losses due to delayed marketing, and even more significant losses if the drug is withdrawn from the market due to crystalline changes after marketing. CD Formulation provides professional testing services for drug crystalline forms and solid-state development.

Instrument detection drug preparation testFig.1 Instrument detection drug preparation test

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With experienced personnel and advanced drug molecule testing equipment, CD Formulation can help clients reduce risk, shorten testing time, and advise on manufacturing requirements. CD Formulation offers the following high quality testing services for drug molecule crystallization and more:

The specific characterization of materials testing will introduce the principles and scope of application of x-ray diffraction, infrared absorption spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, thermal analysis, thermal platform microscopy and nuclear magnetism. The various tests performed on materials will allow for a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the molecular structure of drugs, the properties of crystalline forms and the mechanisms affecting them.

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