Physical and Chemical Test for Cosmetics

Physical and chemical test of cosmetics is the use of relevant laboratory equipment to test and analyze various types of cosmetics to comply with national regulations and standards, to ensure the hygienic quality and safety of cosmetics, and to protect the health of consumers. CD Formulation is qualified to test all types of cosmetic products and to provide consumers with products that meet their requirements.

Physical and Chemical Test for Cosmetics

Physical and Chemical Test

pH test

Human skin is acidic, with a pH range of 4.5 to 6.5. According to this physiological characteristic of the skin, creams and lotions are generally made with different acid values to meet the different needs of the wash and care, so pH test is very important when test the physical and chemical indicators of cosmetics.

Turbidity point test

The turbidity point test is also known as the turbidity test, which refers to the critical temperature at which some substances are clear and turbid. The turbidity point test is used to understand the water solubility characteristics of cosmetics and to gain a preliminary understanding of the structure of cosmetics.

Fineness test

Many cosmetics are displayed in the form of powder, and fineness test refers to the measurement of particle size in powder substances, through the fineness of the particles to sieve, in order to grasp the fineness of cosmetic powders, generally in the physical and chemical requirements of the quality of cosmetics such as talcum powder, the overall fineness of more than 0.21 mm to account for ninety-five percent of the total amount.

Viscosity test

Viscosity is an important physical property of fluid substances, which is related to the coefficient of internal friction of the fluid. In cosmetics, let's say shampoo products and other fluid dosage products, viscosity is a very important physical and chemical quality index, which indicates the fluidity of the cosmetics, generally in the fluidity of the test, the international standard chosen is the rotary viscometer for viscosity test.

Centrifugal test

Centrifugation test is a test to check the shelf life of emulsion cosmetics, and is a necessary test to accelerate the separation test, such as facial cleansers, emulsions, etc. are required to do centrifugation test. Test method: The sample is placed in a centrifuge and tested at 2000-4000 rpm for 30 minutes to observe the separation and delamination of the product.

In the test, analysis, measurement and evaluation studies conducted by our organization, applicable laws and regulations are observed and reliable and unbiased results are obtained. These studies are based on the latest technical equipment, well-trained and experienced staff and modern methods. In addition to the above-mentioned tests, test services include moisture, density, refractive index, total solids content, total active matter, foam height, net content, acid value, peroxide value, saponification value, anionic active matter content, etc.

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