Solids-stabilized Emulsion Development

As a leading global pharmaceutical company, CD Formulation has been working in the field of pharmaceutical formulation for many years, providing a wide range of technical services to customers worldwide. With years of experience and our team of professionals, if you provide us with your drug or other molecule, we are sure to have the best solids-stabilized emulsion formulation for you.

Solids-stabilized Emulsion Development

Solid-stabilized Emulsions for Drug Delivery

Solid stabilized emulsions utilize solid particles as stabilizers that accumulate at the interface between two immiscible liquids and stabilize the droplets to prevent agglomeration. It is used in many different applications, including pharmaceutical and drug delivery. In solid-stabilized emulsions, solid particles are strongly adsorbed at the liquid-liquid interface, and the Gibbs free energy to move a solid particle away from the interface is significantly higher than the Gibbs free energy of surfactants in conventional emulsions.

Figure 1 (a) A 3D image of a Pickering emulsion droplet.

Characteristics of solid-stabilized emulsions:

i) the particles must be partially wetted by the aqueous and oil phases to effectively stabilize the emulsion; ii) a rule similar to that in the case of surfactant molecules holds: the continuous phase of the preferred emulsion is usually the continuous phase in which the particles are preferentially dispersed; iii) interactions between particles are important in emulsion stabilization: flocculating dispersions are more effective in stabilizing emulsions.

Development of Solid-stabilized Emulsions

CD Formulation is a highly focused research-driven company with years of experience and high-end technology in drug delivery research, we have developed a range of innovative and diverse drug delivery platforms that provide fast and convenient service to our customers worldwide. With our unparalleled portfolio of drug delivery solid stabilized emulsion services, we will help you achieve better results in your drug delivery system projects.

Solid-stabilized Emulsion Customization Services

CD Formulation has a specialized drug formulation preparation laboratory that can incorporate solid stabilized emulsions into drug formulations, replacing traditional surfactants with solid particles that can achieve many useful properties. We can customize solid stabilized emulsions to meet customer requirements and provide a solution exclusive to your project.

Emulsion characterization

Emulsion type evaluation

Evaluation of emulsion oil-in-water (O/W) or water-in-oil (O/W) types by macroscopic and microscopic observation.

Droplet size determination

Observation with optical microscopy also allows estimation of droplet size and provides a visual indication of the polydispersity of the emulsion and the presence or absence of excess particles in the continuous phase.

Sedimentation Rate Measurement

To study the settling of W/O emulsion droplets, samples were placed in 5 mm NMR tubes and left to stand. The interface between the white deposit and the excess oil phase at the top of the tube is sharp enough to determine the time-evolving deposit height h(t) for comparison with a constant total sample height, and the settling rate is then calculated by Eq.

Stability of the ultra-centrifugal field

The stability of the particle loaded interfacial film was investigated by centrifuging the emulsion and observing the emulsion breakage. The W/O emulsion samples in NMR tubes were centrifuged at 3°C. The RCF was gradually increased in 100 g steps and observed every 10 min until free water was observed to signal emulsion breakage.

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