Oral Micro Effervescent Tablets Development

Oral micro effervescent tablets are a relatively new type of nutraceutical effervescent tablets, whose formulation consists mainly of nutraceutical ingredients, diluents, binders, disintegrants, lubricants and other excipients. The effervescent tablets are placed in water and immediately undergo an effervescent reaction, generating and releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide gas. The granulation methods of effervescent tablets can be divided into wet granulation, dry granulation and direct powder compression. Oral micro effervescent tablets are constantly enriched, and according to the different raw material composition of effervescent tablets, they can be divided into vitamin effervescent tablets and micronutrient supplement effervescent tablets, among which vitamin effervescent tablets are the most common.

Oral Micro Effervescent Tablets Development

Advantages of Oral Micro Effervescent Tablets

  • Easy to take and fast-acting.
  • Flavored effervescent tablets have a better taste and are more acceptable to people.
  • Improves vitamin levels in the body and restores bodily functions.
  • Promotes antibody production and inhibits over-proliferating cells.

Our Services

CD Formulation provides professional development services for oral micro effervescent tablets, including prescription design and prescription testing services for effervescent tablets, efficiently advancing the industrialization and commercialization of nutraceuticals for our clients.

Prescription design

Oral effervescent tablets need to have a suitable taste and beautiful appearance, so strict prescription design is carried out in terms of flavoring agents, excipients, binders and lubricants, and suitable prescriptions are preferentially selected using orthogonal tests. Our nutraceutical formulator adds its rotativity (rotativity means that the variance of the predicted value y of each treatment combination on a sphere of equal distance from the test center in the test factor space has the property of being almost equal) to the orthogonal design and establishes a quantitative mathematical model by regression analysis of the test data, i.e., the optimal region can be sought directly based on the predicted value. At the same time, due to the different composition of the powder and its powder dosage, the ratio of acid and base should be adjusted appropriately.

Prescription testing

CD Formulation can evaluate the taste and disintegration time of the oral micro effervescent tablets after prescription design, judge the quality of the effervescent tablets, and analyze whether they are suitable for the market requirements and meet the customer's needs.


It is strictly forbidden to swallow or contain directly, especially for the elderly and children, there is a risk of choking, please strengthen supervision; do not dissolve with tea, juice and other beverages, because it may affect the absorption of drugs or produce harmful substances; some effervescent tablets may appear a little impurity when effervescent, it does not affect the use. However, if precipitation, insoluble matter, flocculent matter, appear when taking effervescent tablets due to improper storage, it is not recommended to take them; drink the effervescent tablets now, because the active ingredients are prone to oxidative decomposition and failure; it is recommended to use 30℃-40℃ warm water, the water temperature is too high not only for immediate consumption, but also for loss of active ingredients; effervescent tablets contain more sodium, and should be used sparingly for diseases that need to limit sodium intake, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. Use effervescent tablets with caution or reduce the intake of salt.

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