Diethylene Glycol Test

Diethylene glycol, a low-toxicity chemical, has no obvious accumulation after entering the human body due to rapid metabolism and excretion, so far no evidence of carcinogenic, teratogen and mutagenesis has been found, but large dose intake will damage the kidney. CD Formulation can provide customers with diethylene glycol detection services, laying the foundation for the production of qualified samples.

Diethylene Glycol Test

About the Diethylene Glycol of Cosmetics

Diethylene glycol is a prohibited substance, but it may be produced or brought into cosmetics as a safety risk substance in the process of raw materials, packaging materials, production, transportation and storage, so the detection of diethylene glycol in cosmetics has been a relatively important detection project.

Diethylene Glycol Test

The detection method we provide is gas chromatogram-hydrogen flame ion detector, which is suitable for the determination of diethylene glycol in cream, water agent, emulsion and gel cosmetics. This method has the advantages of high separation efficiency, less sample consumption and high detection sensitivity. The detailed procedure is as follows.

1) Prepare the standard reserve solution of diethylene glycol and dilute it into 6 kinds of solution with different concentration to obtain the standard series solution;

2) Weigh the sample and add diluent to make the sample solution;

3) The standard series solution and sample solution are respectively detected by gas chromatography;

4) Draw the standard curve of diethylene glycol standard series solution, and conduct qualitative and quantitative detection of diethylene glycol in cosmetics by comparing the retention time with the standard curve.


  • During gas-phase analysis, all solutions should be made to clarify to avoid blocking the instrument.

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