Catalase-Like (CAT) Nanozyme Customization

Catalase (CAT) is one of the most important oxidoreductases in the human body. CAT plays a crucial role in catalyzing the removal of reactive oxygen species (ROS), preventing cell membrane damage and inhibiting tumor cell growth. However, in practical applications, CAT natural enzyme has disadvantages such as poor stability and difficulty in preservation. Nanozymes emerged in response to the need to be able to be used to mimic CAT activity. So far, metals, metal oxides, MOFs, carbon-based nanomaterials, metal sulfides and other materials have been successively proved to have CAT-like enzyme activity and have been widely used in tumor therapy, immuno-detection, etc., so customized CAT-like nanozyme is necessary.

CD Formulation is dedicated to the customization of CAT-like nanozyme. Based on our advanced synthesis platform and experienced drug development experts, we provide reliable technical support and solutions for CAT-like nanozyme customization.

Figure 1. Illustration of the classification of CAT-like nanozymes based on different nanomaterials.Figure 1. Illustration of the classification of CAT-like nanozymes based on different nanomaterials. (Xu D, et al., 2022)

Advantages for Catalase-Like (CAT) Nanozyme Customization

CAT-like nanozyme has a reactive oxygen species scavenging ability comparable to that of natural enzymes, and is capable of scavenging a wide range of toxic reactive oxygen species, and has the advantages of better stability, rapid removal from the body, and good biocompatibility. In addition, compared with natural enzyme production, it requires less cost and is more cost-effective.

Our Process of Catalase-Like (CAT) Nanozyme Customization


Our experienced researchers will conduct a comprehensive design based on the required CAT-like nanozyme properties and target applications.

Synthesis of CAT-Like Nanozyme

We will utilize advanced nanomaterial synthesis techniques such as sol-gel, hydrothermal, or template-assisted methods and customized CAT-like nanozyme to precisely control their size, composition and morphology.

Surface Modification

To maximize the catalytic activity and interaction of CAT-like nanozymes with target molecules, we modify their surface with particular chemical treatments and functionalities, which increases their stability and controllability.

Characterization and Validation

To verify the effectiveness of the modified CAT-like nanozyme, we will assess the catalytic activity, stability, and specificity after the customization procedure.


Finally, we will expand production of customized CAT-like nanozyme while maintaining strict quality control measures.

Applications of Our Catalase-Like (CAT) Nanozyme Customization Services

  • Biocatalysis. CAT-like nanozyme can help catalyze many organic reactions, such as oxidation and hydrolysis, thereby increasing reaction efficiency and reducing reaction temperature and time.
  • Environmental governance. CAT-like nanozyme can help purify water sources and soil, thereby reducing the release of pollutants. By removing heavy metals and organic pollutants, they can also improve environmental quality.
  • Biosensor manufacturing. They can enable rapid detection of biomass through specific signaling and conditioning, thereby improving detection efficiency.
  • Biomedical and therapeutic applications. Their customizable properties allow targeted drug delivery, bioimaging, and the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

Highlights of Our Catalase-Like (CAT) Nanozyme Customization Services

  • Innovative solutions. We provide innovative solutions for precisely controlling the performance of CAT-like nanozymes according to customers' requirements.
  • Experienced. Our development team has rich experience in nano enzyme customization to ensure high quality CAT-like nanozyme customization services.
  • Well-established service process. We provide perfect technical guidance before and after the customization of nanozymes to ensure timely solution of customer's problems in the project.

CD Formulation is an industry leader in nano-enzyme customization services, and our CAT-like nanozyme customization services play an important role in helping researchers make the most of CAT-like nanozyme in disease treatment and diagnostics. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Xu D,et al. Catalase-Like Nanozymes: Classification, Catalytic Mechanisms, and Their Applications. Small. 2022, 18 :2203400.
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