Escheriosomes System Development

Escheriosomes System Development

Escheriosomes are promising drug carriers for improved drug delivery, especially for vaccine production. Escheriosomes are rich in lipids derived from E. coli and have pro-fusion properties that stimulate human immune responses, intracellular drug delivery, and improved patient acceptance and compliance. CD Formulation can provide customers with the development of drug delivery systems for Escheriosomes, helping them with the development of drug-carrying lipid vesicle systems and optimization of formulations.

Drug Delivery of Escheriosomes

Escheriosomes, also known as Escherichia coli membrane lipid vesicles, are essentially liposomes and belong to liposomes prepared by extracting polar liposomes from E. coli. The lipid composition of Escherosome consists mainly of phosphatidylethanolamine, cardiolipin and phosphatidylglycerol, which are phospholipids with shuttle-promoting properties present in E. coli. However, the phospholipid composition of the cell changes during the process from the exponential to the smooth growth phase. Unsaturated fatty acids are converted to cyclopropane fatty acids and phosphatidylglycerols are converted to cardiolipids. These novel fused liposomes have a strong tendency to fuse with the plasma membrane of the target cell, thereby delivering the encapsulated contents to the cytoplasm. E. coli is considered as a potential candidate vaccine carrier system capable of triggering both cell-mediated and humoral immune responses. Escherichia coli-based delivery helps generate protective immunity against Candida albicans infections, induces protective immune responses against experimental murine brucellosis, and could lead to the development of vaccines against leishmaniasis as well as other intracellular infections.

Development of Escheriosomes Drug Delivery System

The Escheriosomes system can be used for a wide range of drug delivery applications. CD Formulation, an excellent provider of drug formulation products and drug delivery services, has been focusing on the development of drug delivery systems for many years. Based on the scientists' experience and technology in drug delivery system development, we can provide our customers with the best drug delivery services from formulation and development to customized services.

Formulation Screening

Formulation parameters of liposomes include phospholipid composition, bilayer mobility, surface charge, particle size, and lamellar structure, etc. By screening these parameters, we can help our customers to better develop their formulations.

Development Services

CD Formulation provides customers with Escheriosomes system development, which can optimize formulations and prepare professional drug delivery solutions for you.

Customization Services

CD Formulation has a professional team and expertise to provide you with professional customization services for drug-laden lipid vesicle systems.

Advantages of Escheriosomes Drug Delivery System

(1) It is suitable for combining hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs.

(2) Lipid coverage improves bioavailability, especially in the case of insoluble drugs.

(3) It delays the elimination of rapidly metabolized drugs, thus acting as a slow release system.

(4) It increases the stability of biological activity by encapsulation.

(5) It improves the efficacy and therapeutic index of the drug.

CD Formulation always strives to provide the most satisfactory scientific services to our customers. We are glad to be your partner in the field of liposome research and are willing to provide you with first-class liposome services. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us promptly.

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