Pharmaceutical suspension is a coarse dispersion of insoluble solid particles in liquid medium. The particle size in suspension is usually larger than 0.5 μm. However, it is difficult and impractical to impose a sharp boundary between the suspension and the dispersion with finer particles. Suspension is an important drug dosage form. The advantages of suspensions include effective distribution of hydrophobic drugs; avoidance of cosolvent; concealment of unpleasant taste of some components; resistance to degradation of drugs due to hydrolysis, oxidation or microbial activity; easy swallowing in young or old patients; and efficient muscle injection therapy. In addition, when compared with the solution formulation, a relatively high concentration of the drug can be mixed into the suspension product.

SuspensionsFig.1 Pharmaceutical suspensions.

The team of CD Formulation is leading experts in all aspects of pharmaceutical formulation development and dosage form optimization, we can accord the characteristics of the API and the development goals of the customers to design the formulation of suspensions. CD Formulation can provide you with one-stop services to meet your needs of suspensions.

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The Advantages of Suspensions

  • Improve the chemical stability of some drugs.
  • Higher bioavailability than other dosage forms. Order of bioavailability: Solutions>suspension>capsules> compression tablets > coated tablets.
  • Duration and onset of action can be controlled.
  • Mask the unpleasant taste of the drug.
  • X-ray contrast agent are also formulated as suspension.

The Features of Suspensions Desired in Pharmaceutical

  • Suspended particles should not settle quickly to produce precipitates, and can be easily resuspended by proper shaking.
  • It should be easy to pour, but there must be no water or grittiness.
  • It should have a pleasant odor, color and palatability.
  • Good syringeability.
  • It should be physically, chemically and microbiologically stable.
  • Parenteral/Ophthalmic suspension should be sterilizable.

The Process of Developing Suspensions

The formulation of a suspension depends on whether the suspension is flocculated or deflocculated. Three approaches are commonly involved: (1) Use of structured vehicle. (2) Use of controlled flocculation. (3) Combination of both of the methods.


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