Skin Soothing Test

Skin Soothing Test

CD Formulation can carry out soothing efficacy evaluation, evaluate its safety, efficacy components and other indicators, and issue soothing efficacy evaluation reports. CD Formulation utilizes its own high-quality laboratory operation service model, combined with perfect technical support services, to carry out cosmetic human safety and efficacy evaluation services, to form a professional, standardized and authoritative cosmetic development and efficacy evaluation technical service system; and to provide technical services for the whole industry chain for the cosmetic industry.

How to Conduct Cosmetic Soothing Efficacy Analysis

Excessive skin stress can lead to skin barrier damage, prone to burning, dryness, flaking, stinging, tightness and other skin symptoms, and induce the production of inflammatory factors expressed in large quantities. The soothing effects of cosmetics are mainly aimed at the symptoms of burning, stinging, itching, tightness, erythema, scaling, and redness (capillary dilation) caused by skin barrier damage, abnormal nerve function, and inflammatory reactions, etc. The active ingredients in cosmetics are quantified by physicochemical methods such as skin stratum corneum sampling, liquid chromatography, ionization spray mass spectrometry, and tandem mass spectrometry.

  • The biochemical methods mainly include hyaluronidase inhibition test, free radical scavenging test, erythrocyte hemolysis test, and direct peptide chain reaction analysis test.
  • The cell biology method is mainly used to evaluate the soothing effect of cosmetics by studying the inhibitory effect of cosmetics on intracellular nerve receptors and inflammatory factors.
  • The instrument testing indexes of human test are skin moisture loss rate, skin erythema index, skin moisture content, skin surface acidity, etc.

Cosmetics Human Efficacy Evaluation

  • Subjective evaluation method

Subjective evaluation includes visual assessment and subject self-assessment. Visual assessment is usually conducted by experts or doctors to qualify or grade the subject's skin condition such as skin color, flaking and other indicators.

Self-assessment is usually done by questionnaires, which include pruritus, tingling, burning and tightness, etc. Subjects rate their skin sensitivity according to the questionnaire.

  • Semi-subjective evaluation method

Semi-subjective evaluation method is the use of instruments + human subjective assessment method, such as the use of lactic acid tingling test: lactic acid tingling test (LAST) is one of the more widely used evaluation methods, is considered the most effective way to evaluate sensitive skin, the principle is that when the skin barrier is damaged, lactic acid into the skin, stimulate the unmyelinated C nerve, and thus produce tingling sensation.

  • Objective evaluation method

The objective evaluation method is a method of evaluating the efficacy of cosmetic products by collecting, sample analysis and statistical analysis of the skin condition parameters of the subject before and after using the cosmetic product through an instrument.

CD Formulation uses advanced instrumentation and a standardized laboratory platform to provide the necessary hardware basis for conducting research on cosmetic soothing efficacy evaluation methods. We provide a method for evaluating the soothing efficacy of cosmetics, which can improve the regulation of cosmetic efficacy claims, protect the legitimate rights of consumers, and promote the cosmetic industry toward high-quality and healthy development.

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