Sunscreen OEM/ODM Services

Sunscreen prevents skin elastic tissue and cellular DNA damage caused by UV rays, allowing the skin to enjoy the sun easily and pampering the delicate skin. It also works with plant extracts to quickly reach deep into the skin, effectively stopping melanin formation, interfering with free radical production, delaying photo-aging and repairing UV damage to the skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy at all times.

Sunscreen OEM/ODM Services

Our Services

CD Formulation provides sunscreen OEM/ODM one-stop service from trademark registration, product development, packaging procurement, package design, brand positioning, raw material supply to product assembly, and is fully committed to privately customizing our own products for our customers. Over the years, we have developed and planned production for many cosmetic companies and provided assistance to several companies.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Stronger hardware

We have professional production environment, production equipment, high quality production raw materials, mature product formula and professional testing technology.

  • Excellent services

We can provide free technical consultation on raw materials, formulas, packaging and production, as well as free quality inspection and health inspection services on behalf of the company, and also provide inspection and processing of semi-finished and finished products, packaging acceptance, and paid brand design and packaging design services.

  • Advanced technology

We have a professional modern laboratory, as well as advanced scientific research together to ensure that our customers' products are competitive and viable in the market.

  • High quality raw materials

The raw materials we use for OEM processing are sourced from global suppliers with high reputation and good quality.

The Main Process of OEM Processing

  • Bulk material processing
  1. Approach business and communicate with each other to determine product requirements.
  2. Provide samples or trial packs as required by customers.
  3. Sample confirmation.
  4. Place an order and prepay the deposit for OEM processing.
  5. Factory production according to the single plan.
  6. Settlement of the balance, arrange delivery.
  • To package material processing
  1. Approach business, mutual communication to determine product requirements.
  2. Provide samples or trial sets according to customer requirements.
  3. Sample confirmation.
  4. Prepayment of deposit for processing.
  5. Package material into the factory.
  6. Factory production according to the order plan.
  7. Semi-finished products production, micro-inspection, while package cleaning, disinfection, coding and other production work.
  8. Boxing and storage of semi-finished products.
  9. Settlement of the balance and arrangement of delivery.

ODM Service Process

  1. Approach business, mutual communication to establish product requirements.
  2. Develop investment plan and brand conception and design according to customer needs.
  3. Arrange ordering samples according to the planned product categories, determine the package materials, cooperation matters.
  4. Package material customization.
  5. Package material acceptance into the warehouse, planning production.
  6. Semi-finished products production and testing, filling.
  7. Finished products into storage.
  8. Settlement of the whole project after the completion of processing.
  9. Arranging the shipment after the settlement.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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