One-stop Solution for Peptide or Protein Drug Formulation Development

CD Formulation provides biopharmaceutical clients with leading CRO drug discovery services throughout the drug manufacturing process, enabling our partners to provide a one-stop solution from peptide or protein drug formulation development to finished dosage forms.

About Peptide or Protein Formulations

One-stop Solution for Peptide or Protein Drug Formulation Development

Peptides are a class of compounds composed of amino acids linked by peptide bonds, and are chemically active substances commonly found in living organisms. Generally speaking, drugs with more than 100 amino acid molecules belong to protein drugs, while drugs with less than 100 amino acid molecules belong to peptide drugs.

Due to the physicochemical nature of peptides themselves, their main preparation type is lyophilized powder. In recent years, besides the classical subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous administration, other routes of administration have been gradually developed, including mucosal administration, oral administration and transdermal administration routes. In addition to various delivery systems, the application of excipients also helps peptides to enter drug development. The use of substances such as algose, sucrose, maltose, and glucose as excipients will increase the solubility and in vivo stability of peptides. Nanotechnology as a promising technology will be useful in peptide drug formulation, for example, nanoparticles, liposomes and micelles can better protect the drug from degradation.

One-stop Services

Peptide or Protein Drug Pre-formulation

CD Formulation offers processing of pre-formulation, providing analytical method development, stability studies, and improved bioavailability.

Pharmaceutical Services

CD Formulation offers services for the development and production of peptide or protein drug formulations.

One-stop Solution for Peptide or Protein Drug Formulation Development

  • Pre-formulation studies for peptide or protein drugs
  • Development of various dosage forms such as solid, semi-solid, liquid, and lyophilized formulations
  • Development of drug delivery systems for delivery of peptide or protein drugs through nano- and microsphere technologies

Analytical Services

CD Formulation provides a full range of integrated drug analysis services

  • Content determination of drugs in formulations
  • Determination of drug activity in formulations
  • In vitro release rate determination of drugs in formulations
  • Formulation stability studies (physical and chemical stability in vivo pharmacokinetic studies)
  • Irritation and biocompatibility studies
  • Antimicrobial testing
  • Toxic and harmful substances testing

Packaging Services

CD Formulation also includes testing of drug packaging enclosures, including testing for tightness, hazardous substances, headspace analysis, physical and mechanical properties, etc.

About CD Formulation

CD Formulation's business covers all aspects of drug formulation, drug ingredients, drug development, drug testing, drug optimization, etc. We provide one-stop integrated services from pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing for our global pharmaceutical and biotech partners. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our technological barriers and enhance our R&D production and service capabilities to provide quality and diversified services to more new drug development start-ups, medium and large companies as well as pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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