Vesicular-based Drug Delivery System Services

Vesicular-based Drug Delivery System

Vesicular-based drug delivery systems (VDDS) are systems that encapsulate active ingredients in a vesicular structure, bridging the gap between ideal and existing novel drug delivery systems. CD Formulation has developed a whole range of innovative platforms based on vesicular systems, which can provide customers with various types of vesicular drug delivery systems such as Liposomes, Niosomes, Enzymosomes, etc.

About VDDS

Vesicle delivery systems are highly ordered components consisting of one or more concentric bilayers formulated as a result of self-assembly of amphiphilic building blocks in water. These systems are critical for targeted drug delivery because they have the specific ability to localize drug activity at the organ or site of action, thereby reducing concentrations at other body sites. VDDS have the potential to maintain drug levels at predetermined rates and to maintain effective drug concentrations in vivo, thereby limiting side effects.

Features of VDDS

  • Encapsulation of hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs.
  • Improved bioavailability of drugs.
  • Delayed elimination of rapidly metabolized drugs.
  • Prolongs drug circulation in the body.
  • Facilitates targeted drug delivery.
  • Assists in solving drug stability problems.
  • Helps eliminate toxicity issues for some drugs.

Our Vesicular Drug Delivery System Services

Entry DDS Description
1 Liposomes Liposomes are considered concentric, colloidal bilayer vesicles with aqueous compartments completely enclosed within the bilayer membrane and composed mainly of synthetic or natural lipids.
2 Niosomes Niosomes are nonionic surfactant vesicles, consisting of microscopic lamellar vesicles that form when nonionic surfactants are added to cholesterol in an aqueous medium by massive hydration.
3 Extracellular Vesicles A class of cell-secreted nanoparticles with a phospholipid bilayer membrane structure has been used in the therapeutic studies of various cancers by virtue of their good structural stability, excellent biocompatibility and natural transport capacity, and have demonstrated superior efficacy over conventional nanomedicines.
4 Enzymosomes Enzymosomes are promising therapeutic agents due to their specific substrate selectivity and unparalleled reaction efficiency.
5 Marinosomes Marinosomes are a specific type of liposomes, usually lipid extracts of natural marine organisms.
6 Escheriosomes The lipid composition of Escheriosomes consists mainly of phosphatidylethanolamine, cardiolipin and phosphatidylglycerol, which are phospholipids with pro-secretory properties present in Escherichia coli.
7 Colloidosomes Colloidosomes consist of hollow-shell microcapsules composed of fused or coagulated particles at the interface of emulsion droplets.
8 Ethosomes Ethosomes are lipid carriers with high permeability and drug delivery capacity due to high ethanol concentration.
9 Transferosomes Transferosomes are considered to be stress-responsive, hyperdeformable, complex vesicles with an aqueous nucleus surrounded by a complex lipid bilayer.
10 Pharmacosomes Pharmacosomes are colloidal dispersions of drugs covalently bound to lipids and can exist as ultrafine vesicles, micelles or hexagonal aggregates, depending on the chemical structure of the drug-lipid complex.
11 Sphingosomes They are concentric, colloidal, bilayered vesicles whose aqueous cavities are completely enclosed within a bilayer consisting mainly of synthetic or natural sphingolipids.

With years of experience in drug delivery development, CD Formulation has been providing fully customized solutions to our partners and supporting the development of new therapies to improve lives. Our vesicle delivery system experts have developed vesicle formulations and proven preparation processes based on advanced technologies. CD Formulation is proud to offer our customers a range of vesicle delivery systems specializing in drug delivery at the best quality and most competitive prices. If you need our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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