Microneedle Technology Services

CD Formulation has a team of experienced transdermal drug delivery professionals and cutting-edge transdermal drug delivery technologies, and can provide customers with CRO services for microneedle drug development, transdermal drug delivery solutions and technical support for process optimization. We can provide personalized, multi-faceted, differentiated and customized services for the microneedle industry.


Microneedles are a novel physical transdermal technology consisting of multiple micron-sized fine needle tips attached to a base in an array, with needle bodies typically 10-2000 microns high and 10-50 microns wide. The length, size and shape of the microneedles can be individualized according to the needs of the treatment. Microneedles can be directed through the stratum corneum, creating micron-sized mechanical channels that place the drug directly in the epidermis or upper dermis, participating in microcirculation and exerting a pharmacological response without passing through the stratum corneum.

Microneedle Technology Services

When microneedles deliver drugs, the active ingredient is loaded into the microneedle array, and the concentration gradient between the drug and the subcutaneous tissue fluid forms the driving force, resulting in the slow release of the drug into the body, which has the following characteristics in addition to the advantages of transdermal delivery system:

Microneedle Technology Services

1. Stable rate of transdermal absorption.

2. Controlled microneedle length can avoid touching capillaries and nerve endings, reducing or eliminating pain.

3. Convenient drug delivery method, can be used by itself.

Our Services

CD Formulation provides drug formulation development, novel formulation technology and microneedle process development technology for pharmaceutical companies.

The development of drug formulations includes several microneedle drug projects such as biomacromolecular proteins, vaccine drugs and small molecule drugs, etc. This microneedle drug delivery method brings good compliance to patients and reduces the pain of injection. The new formulation technology has solved the technical problem that soluble microneedles are difficult to pierce the stratum corneum and cannot dissolve the drug quickly. And microneedle process development technology, can effectively avoid the drug in the production process of diffusion to the grassroots encountered problems, to ensure effective delivery of drugs to the medicinal site.

Microneedle technology services can be divided into the following:

Our Advantages

  • We have microneedle process and drug development technology, and can provide formulation formulations.
  • Have a team of experienced pharmacy experts, drug delivery related industry senior practitioners.
  • Provide personalized, autonomous and customized transdermal drug delivery solutions.
  • Clean and sterile laboratory with quality control requirements for products and testing services.
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