One-stop Test Services for Cosmetics

Cosmetics are people will often come into contact with, to apply rubbing, spraying or other similar methods, dispersed on any part of the human surface to clean, eliminate bad odor, skin care, beauty and finishing purposes of daily use chemical industrial products. Affected by the raw materials and processes of cosmetics, they pose a high potential risk to consumer health. Therefore, before a product is placed on the market, it must comply with the relevant regulations on product quality and safety and be inspected before it leaves the factory. CD Formulation can provide one-stop testing services to our clients, testing and analyzing cosmetics from all aspects to ensure that our clients' products meet the specifications, thus facilitating the rapid market entry of the products.

One-stop Test Services for Cosmetics

Testing Services

With proven global expertise in cosmetic testing, auditing and certification, CD Formulation offers a variety of services to help you check the safety, quality and performance of your products and systems, and protect your brand. We help you verify that your cosmetics and personal care products comply with applicable cosmetic regulations, including testing for toxic and hazardous substances, microorganisms, and more. In addition, we can verify that products and manufacturing processes comply with various social and environmental standards.

Services contents

Scope of testing for cosmetic products

  • Cleaning cosmetics

Face wash, makeup remover, cleansing cream, mask, flower lotion, bath gel, shampoo, shampoo cream, shaving cream, nail wash, lip makeup remover, etc.

  • Care cosmetics

Skin care creams, lotions, make-ups, hair conditioners, hair creams, baking creams, nail care water, nail hardeners, lip balms, etc.

  • Beauty cosmetics

Powder, rouge, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, perfume, hairspray, hair dye, perm, mascara, hair growth, hair remover, nail polish, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, etc.

CD Formulation provides a full range of integrated services for cosmetics. We have a short testing process, an intelligent testing platform, full monitoring and other services. We are the promoter of the global consumer goods supply chain solution provider, offering solutions for each stage of the supply chain, from the product concept to the consumer level, etc.

Advantages of Our Services

Innovative solutions with a wide range of services

We can provide one-stop innovative solutions for our clients, including but not limited to: physicochemical testing, microbiological testing, and cosmetic efficacy testing.

Wide range of services, customizable services

We can evaluate according to standard methods and customer-supplied methods, as well as provide customized services to our clients for different products and projects.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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