Cone Penetration Test

CD Formulation, as a professional drug formulation development provider, offers a series of drug prescription screening process testing services (such as adhesion test, bulk density and compaction density test, etc.), which help customers to know enough specific information about drug for better drug development and accelerate the process of drug commercialization. Cone penetration can control the properties of semi-solid material such as hardness and viscosity, so as to avoid affecting the drug coating ductility.

About the Cone Penetration of Drugs

Cone penetration is the depth at which the cone falls into the sample under the specified load, time and temperature conditions. The larger the cone penetration value is, the softer the substance to be measured is; conversely, the smaller the cone penetration value is, the harder it is. Cone penetration measurement method is suitable for ointment, eye ointment and other semi-solid materials.

Cone Penetration Test

CD Formulation provides cone penetration detector, which can test the sample efficiently and quickly, helping customers get the cone penetration of their drugs. At the time of testing, place the sample cup on the base of the meter, scrape the surface of the sample to be measured, and adjust the position so that its tip just touches the surface of the test product. After quickly release the cone and maintain it for 5 seconds, read out the depth of the cone in, represented by cone penetration unit, one cone penetration unit equals 0.1 mm. The same method is determined three times, and the results are represented by the average value of the result of 3 times.

Cone Penetration Test

Sample Pretreatment

Fill the sample cup carefully and raise the sample cup about 2 mm above the upper edge to avoid bubbles. Shake the sample cup for about 5 minutes on a flat table and place it at 25℃ for 24 hours.


  • Before testing, the cone penetration detector should be adjusted to ensure that the cone tip is consistent with the center of the sample cup.
  • Before measuring, place the sample for a period of time to avoid bubbles and affect the results.

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