Dissolution Rate Test

The dissolution rate test of the drug was determined using an in vitro dissolution assay. For poorly soluble drugs and their oral dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules and suspensions, the dissolution of the drug in the body fluids at the absorption site is the rate-limiting step in drug absorption. Drug solubility assays provided by CD Formulation play an important role in dissolution testing in controlling drug quality and predicting drug effectiveness. The following is the Noyes-Whitney equation to express that the dissolution rate of a solid drug is controlled by diffusion:

Noyes-Whitney equation

Here, dC/dt represents the dissolution rate, D is the diffusion coefficient of solute, S is the surface area of solid, V is the volume of dissolved medium, h is the thickness of diffusion layer, Cs represents the solubility of solute of dissolved medium, and C represents the concentration of solute in solution at time t.

Our Services

CD Formulation plays an important role as a supplier of drug formulations and also provides preformulation services for the initial stages of drug development. Our company can determine a range of physical and chemical properties of drugs, such as physical properties, solubility, dissolution rate, polycrystalline form, pKa, partition coefficient, physicochemical stability, etc., to ensure the safety, efficacy, stability and controllability of drugs. Our services include the following:
Data for testing.
Professional analytical interpretation.

At the same time, we at CD Formulation can develop specific testing protocols and solutions based on our clients' protocols and requirements for better drug development.

Applications of Dissolution Rate Test

(1) Prescription screening in the drug development stage.
(2) Routine quality control of preparations.
(3) Evaluate the quality of the drug within the validity period.
(4) Predict the effect of drug release on drug effectiveness under different medication conditions (such as before meals and after meals).
(5) Evaluation of the bioequivalence of the drug.
(6) Evaluate the quality of post-marketing drug composition changes and production methods.

Services Flow

Dissolution rate test service process provided by CD Formulation

How to Contact Us?

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


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