Custom Immediate Release Solid Dispersion Carriers

In order to increase the absorption, dissolution, and therapeutic effects of the drug in the dosage form, solid dispersion technology is widely used. A solid dispersion is a dispersion system in which one or more active (hydrophobic) drugs are distributed in an inactive carrier or matrix (hydrophilic) in a solid state. Water-soluble carriers are often used to improve the dissolution and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs, and are often used to prepare immediate-release SD in actual production. The commonly used water-soluble carriers so far are: macromolecular polymers, surfactants, organic acids, sugars and alcohols, cellulose derivatives.

An example of immediate-release solid dispersion carriersFig.1 An example of immediate-release solid dispersion carriers (Mannitol)

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The water-soluble carrier can accelerate the dissolution rate of the drug, increase the solubility of the drug, and effectively improve the bioavailability of the drug. Therefore, it is mostly used in the preparation of immediate-release solid dispersions in actual production. CD Formulation provides customers with customized services for immediate-release solid dispersion carriers. As a supplier of professional pharmaceutical preparations, our pharmacy and other professional teams are dedicated to service drug development. Since the solid dispersion helps to improve the bioavailability of the drug, the choice of its carrier is very important. If your drug has an insoluble part, please contact us in time. We will customize a special product plan to help you commercialize your product. Our current services include, but are not limited to the following:

Custom Immediate Release Solid Dispersion Carriers.

Custom product solutions.

Product test evaluation.

In addition to customized carriers, our services also provide product solutions to help your drug development. If the service webpage you need is not yet available, you can still contact us and we will give you timely feedback.

Why Choose CD Formulation?

  • Comprehensive integration of pharmaceutical R&D supporting products.
  • Long-standing expertise in field solid state characterization to support the development of custom and proprietary active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Comprehensive advanced equipment, can achieve high capacity, fast turnover, support development, stability, batch release.
  • Develop internal common methods for various technologies without having to develop methods from scratch.

The Advantages of Our Services

The advantages of CD Formulation for custom immediate release solid dispersion carriers services

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If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.


  1. Srinarong P.; et al. Surfaceactive derivative of inulin (Inutec® SP1) is a superior carrier for solid dispersions with a high drug load [J]. J Pharm Sci, 2011, 100 (6): 2333-2342.
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