Viscosity Test

CD Formulation has been at the forefront of drug formulation development and can assist clients with multiple drug development projects. We offer a wide range of drug formulation products as well as analytical services for drugs, including analytical services for routine parameters (melting point, rotational density, density, pH, viscosity testing, etc.), specific properties (particulate matter, metamorphosis testing, dosage unit uniformity testing, dry weight loss testing, etc.), biological testing (microbial limits, antibacterial effect, thermogenic quality, disinfection effect, bacterial (endotoxin detection, etc.) and impurity analysis (organic impurities, inorganic impurities, heavy metals, elemental impurities, residual solvents, genotoxic impurities, nitrosamine impurity analysis, etc.).

Viscosity Test

About Drug Viscosity Test

There are many pharmaceutical drugs, such as cough syrup for relieving cough and chest congestion, liquid iron elements for mineral supplementation, etc. As pharmaceutical agents are to be taken, the moderateness of viscosity should be good, otherwise it may lead to discomfort for the patient's taking. The instrument used for the viscosity testing method of pharmaceutical agents can be either a viscometer or a rheometer.

Viscosity Test

Our Services

CD Formulation provides viscosity testing services for pharmaceuticals to increase patient compliance and to control and maintain consistency in the production of drug batches. At the same time, we also provide real-time monitoring services of drug viscosity to strictly control its critical properties during the manufacturing process, thus facilitating batch processing and production sessions.

Drug viscosity testing

Characterizing drug properties is important for drug development, scale-up, and processing. Viscosity testing of drugs can maintain a degree of consistency from batch to batch.

Solutions for quality control and assurance during drug preparation

In addition to the above services, we also offer automated in-line viscosity testing solutions. This in-line viscosity testing equipment monitors the viscosity changes of the drug in the process in real time, which is critical to controlling the viscosity of the drug during processing and ensuring that key characteristics are fully compliant across multiple batches without relying on off-line measurement methods and sampling techniques.

Testing Process

  • Contact us and select the test you want to perform.
  • Sign an agreement and send us samples.
  • Design the experimental protocol and perform the experiments.
  • Finally, deliver experimental results and experimental solutions.

Service Process of Viscosity Test

Our Advantages

  • As an experienced pharmaceutical formulation development and drug analysis testing company, our skilled technology and solutions are trusted by our clients.
  • We always follow the most authoritative laws and regulations for pharmaceutical formulations to ensure that test data and protocols meet the specified requirements.
  • We have very professional laboratory technicians and operators with fully equipped laboratories.
  • As a leader in the testing industry, we provide comprehensive one-stop solutions in the pharmaceutical field. We have cooperated with many companies and have rich experience.
  • Our prices are competitive and worthy of our customers' choice.

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