Hard Capsules Health Products Development

Hard capsules are solid dosage forms in which one or more inert substances are encapsulated in a small shell. They are a proven dosage form that can provide a solution to many of today's nutraceutical formulation challenges. Hard gelatin capsule shells consist of two prefabricated cylindrical sections, each with a rounded closed end and an open end. The main body is slightly smaller in diameter than the lid and is mounted inside the lid. CD Formulation provides professional hard capsule health products development for our clients, and we offer a full range of integrated services to effectively help our clients complete an accelerated product commercialization process.

Hard Capsules Health Products Development


The hard-sealed gelatin of the capsule acts as an oxygen barrier and maintains the quality of the capsule and its components. The gelatin capsule shell also helps to extend the shelf life of the capsule. The size of the selected hard gelatin capsule is determined by the prescription requirements, including the dose of the active ingredient and the density and compaction characteristics of the other components. The first step in estimating the optimal capsule size for a given product is to determine the density of the formulation using the vibrancy density of the powder and the bulk density of the pills, small tablets and granules. The measured formulation density, target fill weight and capsule volume can then be used to calculate the appropriate capsule size.

Our Services

CD Formulation can provide clients with services for the development of hard capsule health products . From analyzing the effect of the addition of each ingredient in the formulation on the product, to post-encapsulation checks; we complete the customer's order with cost-effective pricing and regulated delivery times. We have the experience to help you develop new products for your target audience or to discuss with you how to scale up production appropriately. As your partner, we have extensive experience in hard capsule health products development, guaranteeing high quality and efficient completion of your project.

Services contents

  • Gelatin hollow capsule development
  • Preparation of gelatine solution
  • Dip coating of gelatine solution onto the mold
  • Rotating dip-coating needles
  • Drying of gelatine coated needles
  • Development of nutraceutical formulations

CD Formulation can provide the development of nutraceutical ingredients, excipients and other formula ratios to ensure the efficacy of the health products while ensuring that the products are easily accepted by our customer base.

  • Hard capsule filling services

We can provide filling services for health products with the following filling steps.

  • Capsule correction
  • Dosing of filling material
  • Replacement of the cap/closing of the capsule shell and ejection of the filled capsule

Advantages of Our Services

  • With our professional database and market researchers, we can provide market and product trend analysis to our clients from all over the world.
  • Our R&D and innovation team has many years of experience serving the nutraceutical industry. From all aspects of product formulation design, optimization, sampling and testing, we also provide product creative packaging and design. We ensure that the products meet the market demand in terms of formulation and taste of the packaging box.
  • We provide product-related training and Q&A, including and not limited to: introduction of product selling points, knowledge of product efficacy ingredients, sales channel analysis, etc.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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