Excipients for Micro-drug Delivery Systems Materials

Excipients for micro-drug delivery systems include excipients for microemulsion delivery systems, excipients for microcapsule carriers, excipients for microsphere carriers, and excipients for nanoparticle carriers, etc.

CD Formulation provides excipients for micro-drug delivery systems including emulsifiers and other materials. Emulsifiers are essential components of microemulsions to reduce interfacial tension and form adsorption films. There are many types of emulsifiers, but not all emulsifiers can be used in microemulsions, and their selection should take into account not only the microemulsion itself, but also the purpose of use, economy and safety.

Material Selection of Micro-drug Delivery System

  • The choice is based on the purpose of drug preparation

In general, the carrier determines the nature and effect of the microdrug, so the purpose of the preparation should be clearly defined when selecting the microdrug, either to improve the stability of the drug and mask the bad odor, or to slow release and prolong the effect. On the basis of these purposes, suitable carriers are selected to achieve the corresponding purposes.

  • Selection according to the nature of the drug, the physical and chemical properties of the carrier and the requirements of the formulation

When selecting carrier materials, the viscosity, permeability, hygroscopicity, solubility, stability and the nature of the drug should be considered from the physicochemical point of view, while combining the clinical and formulation requirements. Usually, several materials can be selected and made into capsule experiments first, and finally, suitable materials are determined by prescription and process screening.

Performance Requirements of Micro-drug Delivery System Materials

  • Stable physicochemical properties.
  • Having suitable drug release rate.
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating.
  • Can be used with drugs, does not affect the pharmacological effect of drugs and the content of measurement, determination.
  • Have a certain strength and plasticity, can completely encapsulate the heart of the capsule, or the drug and additional agents can enter the skeleton more completely.
  • Has the required viscosity, permeability, hydrophilicity, solubility and other characteristics. The carrier material for injection also requires biocompatibility and biodegradability.
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