Colorant Excipients

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0656 1% β carotenolds powder(With modified starch) Inquiry
PE-0658 10% β carotenolds powder(With fish gelatin) Inquiry
PE-0657 10% β carotenolds powder(With soy protein) Inquiry
PE-0211 Amaranth 915-67-3 Inquiry
PE-0215 Black ferric oxide 1317-61-9 Inquiry
PE-0221 Brilliant Blue FCF 3844-45-9 Inquiry
PE-0220 Caramel 8028-89-5 Inquiry
PE-0217 Chlorophyll a 479-61-8 Inquiry
PE-0210 Disperse Blue 60 12217-80-0 Inquiry
PE-0209 Indigoidine 2435-59-8 Inquiry
Colorant Excipients

Any substance that can make a substance show the color required by the design is called a colorant, which can be organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic. Food coloring agents are substances that color foods, which can increase the appetite for food and stimulate appetite. CD Formulation provides customers with various excipient molecules. Our pharmacy or other professional researchers and experimenters are constantly developing new product solutions. We can custom colorant excipients for customers, and we can also provide customers provide solutions for drug development research.

Classification of Colorants

Natural Colorants

Most of the natural food colorants are taken from plants, and some are taken from animals. Natural food colorants can be divided into 5 categories according to their chemical structure:

  • Polyphenol derivatives. Anthocyanins are polyphenol derivatives, a type of water-soluble coloring agent, widely distributed in plants.
  • Isoprene derivatives.
  • Tetrapyrrole derivatives.
  • Ketone derivatives.
  • Quinone derivatives.

Natural edible colorants come from nature, have a wide variety, and most of them have no toxic side effects. Compared with synthetic colorants, they have outstanding characteristics. The characteristics of natural food colorants are:

  • Most natural colorants are derived from edible animals and plants, with high safety, low toxic and side effects, and low toxicological evaluation.
  • Many natural colorants contain nutrients needed by the human body or are vitamins or vitamin-like substances; some natural colorants have pharmacological effects and can prevent and treat certain diseases, and some pigments have anti-oxidation, analgesia, and blood pressure reduction.
  • Natural colorants have natural color and are easily accepted by consumers, and have certain use value and economic value.
  • Some varieties have special aromas, which increase the flavor of food.

Synthetic Colorants

Food synthetic colorant is an organic colorant prepared by artificial synthesis. The synthetic colorant has strong coloring power, bright color, not easy to fade, good stability, easy to dissolve, easy to color, low cost, but low safety.

According to the chemical structure, it can be divided into two categories: azo colorants and non-azo colorants.

Oil-soluble azo colorants are insoluble in water, and are not easily excreted when entering the human body. They are relatively toxic and are basically no longer used. Water-soluble azo colorants are easier to excrete from the body and have low toxicity. At present, a considerable part of synthetic colorants used in various countries in the world are water-soluble azo colorants. In addition, food synthetic colorants also include lakes and non-absorbable polymeric colorants under development. Lake is a special colorant prepared by precipitating a water-soluble colorant on an insoluble substrate that is allowed to be used, that is, a colorant product that is insoluble in water under the same conditions.

Schematic Diagram of Natural and Synthetic ColorantsFig. 1 Schematic Diagram of Natural and Synthetic Colorants

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