Dry Granulation Excipients

Dry granulation helps increase the size of the particles in the powder, making them easier to form as tablets or capsules. It also results in a dense and stable formula filled capsule. Dry granulation allows dry treatment of water sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). It is also a good choice when an efficient and low-cost tablet pressing process is needed. At present, dry granulation is becoming more and more popular because of its simple and economical advantages.

The granulation process can be divided into dry granulation and wet granulation. The second requires water or a binding solution in which the water is continually removed by drying (e.g., a fluidized bed dryer).

Background of Dry Granulation Excipients

Dry Granulation Excipients

Dry granulation is a powder agglomerating process. This operation is carried out by a roller press, which can be used in different configurations and equipment designs. Used in the pharmaceutical industry to improve the fluidity of powders by increasing particle size (particles). In this process, a powder mixture of all relevant ingredients is compressed between two rotary mills. The resulting flakes are then divided into specific particle size requirements. The particles are then divided into specific particle size requirements, ready for final compression. These granules are then ready for final compression.

Rolling has the following advantages:

  • Trustworthy features.
  • Ready-to-use solutions when time to market is critical.
  • Predictable zoom.
  • Continuous processing.

What Is the Difference Between Dry Granulation and Wet Granulation?

Dry granulation uses mechanical compression or compaction to promote agglomeration of dry powder particles, while wet granulation uses granulation solution (binder/solvent) to promote agglomeration by adhesion to form wet clumps.

How to Use the Tablet Method in Dry Granulation?

In the dry granulation method, the initial powder particles are aggregated under high pressure. There are mainly two methods, one is to produce large tablets in a heavy-duty tablet press, and the other is to squeeze the powder between two rollers to produce material sheets (roller tableting).

Function of Dry Granulation Excipients

  • Tablet lubricant, lipid matrix for sustained release, coating for protection and taste masking. Direct compression, dry granulation, film coating, hot melt extrusion, rolling, spheronization, supercritical fluid extraction, viscosity modification, wet granulation, solid lipid nanoparticles, oral solid dosage forms in nano lipid carriers.
  • Binder, capsule filling, carrier, compaction, diluent, direct compression, dry granulation, filler, granulation, moisture-sensitive active ingredient, multifunctional, natural origin, powder mixture, tablet compressible sex.

Application of Dry Granulation Excipients

Lipid matrix for sustained release, coating for protection and taste masking. Oral solid dosage forms of direct compression, dry granulation, film coating, hot melt extrusion, rolling, spheronization, supercritical fluid extraction, viscometer.

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