Drop Pill Base

Cat.No. Product Name CAS Inquiry
PE-0255 Gelatin 9000-70-8 Inquiry
PE-0252 PEG 6000 25322-68-3 Inquiry
PE-0253 Poloxamer 188 9003-11-6 Inquiry
PE-0251 Polyethylene glycol (MW:400) 25322-68-3 Inquiry
PE-0254 Sodium stearate 822-16-2 Inquiry

Product Description

Drop pill base is used for the preparation of liquid filled capsules or soft gelatin capsules. Drop pill base is usually prepared by dissolving the thickening agent in a solvent and then adding any necessary additives such as preservatives or flavoring agents.

Advantages of Drop Pill Base

  • Water solubility - Usually prepared using a water soluble solvent, which allows it to be easily mixed with an aqueous solution or suspension to form a stable liquid filled capsule.
  • Specific Viscosity - Has the necessary viscosity to prevent leakage and ensure proper filling of the capsule.
  • Versatility - Can be used to prepare a variety of different types of dosage forms, including liquid-filled capsules, softgels, oral suspensions and syrups.
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