Excipients for Mucosal Drug Delivery Systems Materials

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Mucosal adhesion material refers to the material that can produce close contact with the mucosal surface of the body tissue for a long period of time, so that the drug can enter the circulatory system through the mucosal epithelium at the contact site to exert local and systemic effects. The retention time of mucosal drug delivery system at the drug site is a key factor affecting drug absorption. Therefore, the selection of suitable bioadhesive materials can significantly improve the retention time of mucosal drug delivery system at the drug site and achieve the effect of increasing drug absorption.

Mucosal Drug Delivery System Materials

Mucosal drug delivery system is a drug delivery system that uses a suitable carrier to bring the drug into close contact with the surface of biological mucosa to achieve local therapeutic effect or enter the circulatory system through the mucosal epithelium for systemic therapeutic effect. Because some mucosa is not keratinized and the submucosa is rich in capillaries, the bioavailability of mucosal drug delivery is high, the onset of action is fast, the duration of drug action can be prolonged, and certain targeting effects can be achieved, especially for drugs that are unstable in the gastrointestinal tract or have obvious first-pass effect in the liver, such as peptides and macromolecules can be absorbed through the mucosa, which broadens the route of drug delivery.

Classification of Mucosal Drug Delivery System Excipients

Bioadhesive materials can be classified into natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic materials according to their sources.

  • Natural materials

Good biological properties, low toxicity, partly biodegradable.

  • Semi-synthetic materials

Wide range of sources, low cost, biologically inert.

  • Synthetic materials

Low cost, uniform quality standard, can be mixed with other materials.

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