Anticaries Ingredients

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CDC10-0564 Sodium fluorophosphate 10163-15-2 Inquiry
CDC10-0565 Tin(II) fluoride 7783-47-3 Inquiry

Product Introduction

Anticaries Ingredients

Anti-caries agent is an efficacious ingredient added to oral care products such as toothpaste, which can help prevent and control dental caries through daily use. Caries is a common oral disease, caused by the compound action of many factors in the oral cavity leading to the progressive lesion of the hard tissue of teeth, manifested as the demineralization of inorganic matter and the decomposition of organic matter, with the development of the disease process there is an evolution process from color change to substantial lesion. There are three general methods to prevent dental caries: to enhance the acid resistance of teeth, to kill the caries pathogenic bacteria, to break down the glucan produced by streptococcal mutants or to prevent the synthesis of glucan.

Common Anti-Caries Ingredients

The common active ingredients of anti-caries toothpaste are fluoride, such as stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate, etc.

Fluoride anti-caries because it has the following effects.

  • Fluorine can directly inhibit the energy metabolism needed for the growth of bacteria in the mouth, inhibit the adhesion of bacteria to the tooth surface, inhibit the activity of many enzymes in the process of bacterial metabolism, and cause the growth and metabolism of bacteria to be disrupted or stopped.
  • Fluorine can replace the hydroxyl group in hydroxyapatite in the structure of tooth enamel, forming fluorapatite, which reduces the solubility of tooth enamel surface and enhances the resistance to acid.
  • Fluorine can promote the adhesion of calcium and phosphorus in saliva on the tooth surface, which helps the enamel continue to mature after tooth eruption, and also helps the restoration of destroyed pityrion at the site of caries lesion and promotes remineralization of caries damage.
  • Higher concentration of fluoride has the effect of killing cariogenic bacteria and other bacteria.
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