Solutions for the Development of Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulations

CD Formulation provides pharmaceutical formulations and related technologies that can be used in the field of mic-roecological formulations, and has summarized rich experience in application technology services, and can provide customers with specialized and personalized products and supporting technology solutions for the whole process from small trial, pilot test to large scale production.

Solutions for the Development of Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulations

About Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulations

Solutions for the Development of Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulations

Micro-ecological probiotic formulations, also known as probiotic microecological regulators, are physiologically active bacteria (microorganisms) products produced under the guidance of microecological theory, and also include the metabolites of these bacteria and material products that promote the growth and reproduction of these physiological flora. It includes a wide range: specifically active probiotic bacteria, bacterial components, metabolites and growth-promoting substances. He can be in the regulation of intestinal micro-ecological imbalance, maintain micro-ecological balance, improve the host health level or promote health status. Microecological formulations have the advantages that other drugs cannot replace, it is non-specific, can play a disease cure, no disease prevention and other effects and safe without adverse reactions. Even healthy people can take it to improve their health, such as diarrhea patients can take it and constipation patients can also take it.

One-stop Solution

CD Formulation is committed to providing our clients with drug formulation development technologies and solutions to help them develop their drug products as quickly as possible. We provide integrated services in the drug development process and can provide drug formulation development, screening of suitable excipients and other additives, which can be made into various dosage forms (solid, semi-solid, suspension and liquid, etc.) according to the customer's requirements. At the same time, we have also developed technologies for enhancing the bioavailability of drugs and technologies for drug delivery systems. In addition to the above drug development solutions, we also include drug analysis and testing as well as packaging services to help our customers in all aspects of microecological formulation development and advancement of drug commercialization.

Quality Control for Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulation Development

CD Formulation has a quality control system for drug formulation development processes and comprehensive quality control technology standards. We provide real-time monitoring of the reaction process to ensure the smooth implementation of the reaction process, and real-time feedback on the analysis and testing process to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data.

Solutions for the Development of Micro-ecological Probiotic Formulations

About CD Formulation

CD Formulation's business covers all aspects of drug formulation, drug ingredients, drug development, drug testing, drug optimization, etc. We provide one-stop integrated services from pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing for our global pharmaceutical and biotech partners. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our technological barriers and enhance our R&D production and service capabilities to provide quality and diversified services to more new drug development start-ups, medium and large companies as well as pharmaceutical companies around the world.

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