Drug PEGylation Services

When most protein drugs, peptide drugs and chemical drugs exert their effects, they are accompanied by some insurmountable problems, such as short action period, greater immunogenicity and toxic side effects. Polyethylene glycol is neutral, non-toxic, has unique physical and chemical properties and good biocompatibility, and is one of the few chemicals approved for injectable medicine in the body. Therefore, by chemically linking activated polyethylene glycol to proteins, peptides, small molecule drugs and liposomes, that is, PEGylation of drug molecules can effectively increase the biological half-life of drug molecules and reduce their toxic and side effects. CD Formulation is committed to developing a variety of ways to help drugs move from the research and development stage to the commercialization stage. PEG formation is a very important and key technology in drug development. We provide customers with PEGylation services and customized synthesis of PEGylated conjugates to promote drug development.

PEGylation Services

CD Formulation's experienced PEGylation team provides PEGylation services for customers and customizes the synthesis of PEGylated conjugates in the preclinical stage to meet customers' needs for proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and small molecules demand.

Complete PEGylation Method Development Services

Under this service mode, Jiankai will provide customers with PEGylation samples and a complete method development package, including analytical methods developed for the characteristics of the customer's PEGylation products, until Preclinical stage. CD Formulation's PEGylation team can determine suitable high-quality polyethylene glycol derivatives for customer projects.

Custom Synthesis of PEGylated Conjugates

PEGylated proteins, PEGylated peptides, PEGylated peptides, PEGylated oligonucleotides, PEGylated small molecules, etc. CD Formulation will PEGylate customer-specific proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides or small molecules, and provide PEGylated product analysis reports. This model is suitable for preliminary evaluation of PEGylation methods.

Why PEGylation?

Modified PEG is widely used in pharmaceutical research and development and plays an important role in the sustained release of drugs.

Therapeutic benefits of protein modification with peg include reduced renal and cell clearance, extended half-life, enhanced protection against proteolysis, and reduced toxicity.

The purpose of pegylation of bioactive proteins is to improve their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties while preserving the intrinsic biological activity of natural proteins.

The Advantages of Our Services

  • Rich project execution experience and outstanding professional team.
  • Advanced laboratory equipment.
  • Efficient work efficiency, fast delivery content can be submitted.
  • Competitive price.

The advantages of CD Formulation for drug PEGylation services

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