Tablet Fragility Test

Friability is defined as the percentage of weight loss by tablet due to mechanical action during the test, which refers to the ability of the compressed tablet to avoid fracture and breaking during transport. Tablets are weighing before and after testing and tablets friability is expressed as a percentage loss on pre-test tablet weight. The purpose of the tablet fragility test is to determine the resistance of tablets against mechanical stress, both shaking and erosion. The higher the percentage of fragility, the greater the loss of tablet life, a good fragility value is < 1%.

Tablet Fragility Test

CD Formulation laboratory is cGMP-compliant and equipped with state of the art analytical instruments. We have experienced analysis experts who can work with our formulation and manufacturing team to provide you with tablet fragility test services. Our tablet fragility test is performed in accordance with pharmacopeia methods and the data that we provide is accurate and reliable, which can help you to conduct appropriate risk assessment of the finished drug.

Influencing Factors of Tablet Fragility

  • API: The physical and chemical properties and stability of API have a great influence on the friability of tablet.
  • Excipients: such as adhesives, fillers.
  • Production process: mixing time, granule dryness, compression pressure, etc. will affect the friability of the tablet.


  • Data analysis
  • Provide full study report

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Tablet Fragility Test

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