Physical and Mechanical Properties Testing

Physical and mechanical properties are the basic indicators of the protection of the contents implemented by packaging in the production, transportation, shelf display period and use of pharmaceutical products. CD Formulation can provide physical and mechanical properties testing to promote the safe transportation of pharmaceutical products and improve their commercialization.

Physical and Mechanical Properties Testing

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CD Formulation can provide the following testing services and product analysis:

1. Tensile strength and elongation: It refers to the maximum stress value that pharmaceutical packaging materials undergo before pulling off and the elongation at break. The test can effectively solve the problem of packaging breakage due to insufficient tensile strength of the selected packaging material.

2. Peel strength: also known as composite strength or 180-degree peel strength, is to test the strength of the bond between the layers of the composite film for pharmaceutical packaging. If the peel strength is too low, it is very easy to separate between layers in the use of packaging, which will bring about a significant reduction in physical and mechanical properties and barrier performance and cause a series of problems.

3. Heat sealing strength: also known as heat sealing strength, is the assessment of the pharmaceutical packaging heat sealing part of the seal strength analysis index. If the heat seal strength is not enough, it will lead to the packaging in the heat seal cracking, drug leakage, pollution and other problems.

4. Puncture force test: used to assess the performance of pharmaceutical packaging materials and rubber plugs against puncture.

5. Puncturer retention test: used to assess the ability of the gel plug to maintain the puncturer after being punctured.

6. Insertion point impermeability and drug injection point sealability test: used to evaluate the sealability of the puncture point after the rubber plug is punctured.

7. Impact resistance: to prevent the packaging surface from breaking due to the lack of toughness of the packaging material when it is impacted and dropped, effectively avoiding the breakage of food in circulation due to impact or drop.

8. Tear resistance: pharmaceutical packaging and packaging materials in the storage and transportation process may be torn due to external forces, sufficient tear resistance expansion force can reduce the transmission of tear, thereby avoiding packaging breakage. In addition tear performance is also an important indicator of whether the package is easy to open, the size of the tear force determines the ease of consumers to open the package.

9. Anti-rubbing performance: pharmaceutical packaging and packaging materials in the production, processing, transportation and use process, will inevitably occur rubbing, bending and twisting, extrusion and other acts, which affects the packaging performance of the material, especially the impact on the barrier performance is great. By detecting changes in the performance of packaging materials before and after the test, the anti-rubbing performance of the material for scientific and quantitative analysis and judgment.

10. Compression resistance: pharmaceutical packaging in the process of storage and transportation, will inevitably occur in the stacking, extrusion and other behaviors, which affects the packaging performance of the material; through the simulation of packaging in the process of storage, transportation, such as stacking, extrusion damage and other behaviors, the test specimens before and after the test performance changes, the material's compression resistance performance for scientific quantitative analysis and judgment.

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