Tablet Health Products Development

Health products are becoming increasingly important in people's daily lives. Products include vitamins, minerals, herbal products or other plant-based chemicals, enzymes and amino acids that are used by people from adolescents to the elderly to maintain or enhance their health. Health products are also used as part of food supplements and are often used to emphasize that it is a product that has proven health benefits and has essential nutritional value. Tablets are a popular way to store and package finished health products. Tablet production allows for the formulation of a large number of nutritional ingredients per serving due to its compressibility. If you want to customize your nutraceutical formulation in tablet form, CD Formulation can provide you with good advice and solutions for health products development.

Tablet Health Products Development

The Advantages of Tablet Health Products

  • Tablets are usually less expensive to manufacture.
  • Making tablets can help the body better absorb nutrients.
  • Tablets can be produced in different shapes to achieve versatility in product appearance.

Our services

Before developing your tablet supplement, work with our nutraceutical industry experts. We can maximize the flexibility of tablet ingredient pairings and help you deliver special tablet formulations that will give your brand an edge in the marketplace.

CD Formulation can offer a competitive pricing system to our customers. All tablets are manufactured on professional printing and coating machines, providing a high quality and high specification final product. We are able to produce various types of tablets including bare tablets, coated tablets, sublingual tablets, chewable tablets and extended release tablets.

Tablet health products development

CD Formulation can develop formulations for tablet health products to improve tablet stability and release of active ingredients.

Product package design

Tablet health products can prevent degradation of certain products due to exposure to UV radiation by selecting appropriate packaging. Since these products are usually not prescription drugs but are purchased directly by the consumer, ease of use and shelf appeal are key.

We offer packaging designs that meet the following requirements.

  • High chemical stability.
  • Excellent stability with changes in temperature and humidity.
  • Protection against UV and oxygen degradation, which is especially important for vitamins.

The Advantages of Our Services

Quality assurance

From technical expertise and robust application support to complex global regulations, our professionals are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance and guidance to our customers, no matter what their needs are. We provide products that are safe, reliable, contain the highest quality natural ingredients and are formulated to function optimally.

Extensive experience

CD Formulation is a leader in developing high-quality nutraceutical solutions designed to provide our customers with easy-to-use formulations and dosage forms. Whether it's a tablet, capsule or other easy-to-take dosage form, we can customize it based on our extensive experience.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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