Interferon Delivery System Development

Interferons are cytokines involved in the immune response and act in both innate and adaptive immunity. These proteins are natural cell signaling glycoproteins expressed in response to viral infections, tumors, and biologic inducers, and constitute the first line of defense against infectious agents in people. Currently, interferon drug systems have been used as single agents or in combination therapeutic regimens. This shows the importance of interferon delivery systems in the field of protein drug therapy. The development of interferon drug delivery systems has had a great impact on the global therapeutic protein market, but there are still issues in driving the development and application of interferon delivery systems due to the size of the molecule, sensitivity to degradation, and rapid elimination from the bloodstream.

CD Formulation is dedicated to the development of interferon delivery systems, and we aim to develop new drug delivery systems. Based on the problems of interferon delivery systems in applications, we provide effective solutions for developing interferon delivery systems with extended half-life in circulation. In these designs, we offer various carrier formulations including nano-formulations as interferon drug carrier systems, which allow sustained localized release, controlled prolonged administration, and interactions between different proteins to maintain the structural stability of the drug and its biological activity.

What Can We Do for Developing Interferon Delivery System?

Formulation Design

In interferon drug delivery system development, we have taken into account various factors such as physicochemical properties of the drug, desired release kinetics and target tissues by designing suitable formulations for delivery of interferon, including during the formulation development process. Liposomes, nanoparticles, microspheres and gels are commonly used in interferon delivery vehicles.

Encapsulation Technology

In developing interferon encapsulation as well as the delivery systems we are exploring, we have also considered the polarity of proteins associated with the encapsulant. We have developed interferon delivery systems that protect cargo proteins from degradation by enzymes found at the administration site or during transport to the site of action, thereby extending their half-life. We encapsulate the interferon within the delivery vehicle by employing techniques such as emulsification, solvent evaporation, coalescence, and layer-by-layer assembly while maintaining its biological activity.

Targeting Strategy

Targeted delivery of interferon to specific cells or tissues can enhance therapeutic efficacy while minimizing off-target effects. We surface-modify delivery vehicles with targeting ligands such as antibodies, peptides, or aptamers that selectively bind to receptors overexpressed on diseased cells, thereby facilitating precise drug delivery.

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluations

We provide preclinical evaluations that include assessment of its pharmacokinetic profile, tissue distribution and pharmacodynamic effects in relevant animal models. These studies provide valuable insights into formulated delivery systems' safety, efficacy and optimal dosing regimen.

Application of Interferon Delivery System Development

  • Antiviral therapy. Interferon Delivery System, can be used as an effective tool for antiviral therapy. By precisely targeting infected cells, the interferon delivery system we have developed enhances the body's natural defenses and provides a strong line of defense against viral infections.
  • Cancer Immunotherapy. Interferon has been shown to reduce tumor size, modulate autoimmune disease symptoms and prolong survival. The interferon delivery system we have developed helps direct interferon to cancer cells, modulating the immune response and strengthening the body's defenses against cancerous tumors.

Encapsulation methods and interferon-delivery system.Figure 1. Encapsulation methods and interferon-delivery system. (Ramos TI, et al., 2021)

Highlights of Our Interferon Delivery System Development Services

  • Expertise. We have a dedicated team of experts with a wealth of knowledge to deal effectively with the complexities of interferon delivery system development and ensure success.
  • Innovative technology. We are always at the forefront of innovation and incorporate state-of-the-art technology into our development process.
  • Customized services. We face the problems faced in interferon delivery system development and provide customized solutions to meet our client's drug development needs.

CD Formulation is dedicated to cytokine therapeutics and we provide industry-leading interferon delivery system development services. To date, the interferon delivery systems we have developed have been used effectively in the treatment of viral infections and certain cancers. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


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