Cosmetic Packaging Test

CD Formulation's cosmetic packaging testing service detects inert (ceramics, glass) and non-inert materials (plastics, rubber, recycled cellulose, metals, alloys). The functional properties of cosmetic packaging affect the packaging performance and its data can be used to measure the functionality of packaging materials and ultimately improve the safety of cosmetic packaging. CD Formulation and its team of professionals, together with internationally recognized laboratories, perform all testing, analysis, measurement, evaluation and report generation services within the scope of cosmetic packaging testing in a complete and reliable manner.

Cosmetic Packaging Test

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Cosmetic packaging testing includes: barrier performance testing (gas transmission and water vapor transmission), coefficient of friction, tensile strength and elongation, peel strength, heat seal strength (heat seal strength), seal and leak testing, impact resistance testing, thickness testing, solvent residue testing, printing quality testing, etc.

Cosmetic packaging impact resistance test

Testing the impact resistance of packaging materials to ensure that the packaging materials selected can effectively protect the product. Impact resistance test has two kinds of test methods: falling dart impact and pendulum impact.

Thickness measurement of cosmetic packaging

Thickness is the basic index for testing film. Uneven thickness will not only affect the tensile strength and barrier properties of the film, but also affect the subsequent processing of the film.

Cosmetic packaging sealing performance test

The sealing performance test can ensure the integrity of the entire product packaging seal, to prevent leakage due to poor sealing performance of the product, resulting in the deterioration of the packaged goods.

Friction coefficient of cosmetic packaging

The inner and outer surface of the film should have the appropriate smoothness to ensure that it has good openness and can be smoothly conveyed and packaged in the high-speed production line.

Packaging solvent residue detection

Packaging bag solvent residue directly related to the user's safety, in order to ensure the safety of the use of gas chromatography detection of solvent residues.

Cosmetic packaging tear performance test

Products in storage and transport process packaging may be torn due to external forces, sufficient tear resistance to extend the force can reduce the tear transmission, to avoid packaging leakage.

Cosmetic packaging testing instrument barrier performance testing

Barrier performance refers to the packaging material on the gas (such as oxygen), liquid (water vapor) and other permeable barrier effect. Barrier properties are an important factor in the quality of products during their shelf life.

CD Formulation has many years of experience, a state-of-the-art accredited laboratory and a team of experts to provide you with the perfect service for testing, measurement and analysis.

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