Sensory Evaluation of Cosmetics

CD Formulation can provide cosmetic companies with sensory evaluations to test the safety, stability, and usability of cosmetics, provide objective evaluation data for the cosmetics industry, improve corporate production standards, and obtain usage data for corporate reference.

Sensory Evaluation of Cosmetics

About Sensory Evaluation of Cosmetics

Sensory evaluation is a special type of in vivo experiment, and cosmetic sensory evaluation is an evaluation method to verify the subjective claims of cosmetic products such as skin feel. It is a scientific method in which people perceive the characteristics and properties of a substance through sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. The method does not require special instruments and equipment, chemical reagents, but the evaluation results are closely related to the evaluator's sensitivity, practical experience, and physiological and psychological factors, thus requiring a comfortable and uniform experimental environment, strong professionalism, experience, and repeatability of the evaluator, as well as good stability and consistency of the evaluation team.

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The prerequisite for sensory evaluation experiments is the establishment of an evaluation team. The establishment of the evaluation team requires the screening and training of a certain number of evaluators, and the passing of consistency and repeatability tests to ensure that the results of the evaluation team are true and reliable. The sensory evaluation experiment process has 4 main parts.

  • Ensure that the sensory evaluation environment is independent and stable to reduce the influence of various biases and interfering factors on the results.
  • Collect sensory evaluation data.
  • Analysis and statistics of the data.
  • Reasonable interpretation of the acquired data and reasonable suggestions based on it.

Sensory evaluation of cosmetics content

1. Sensory evaluation of skin care products

Sensory evaluation of skin care products is evaluated through the measurement of their performance, creams, lotions, performance evaluation of products mainly include the following aspects.

  • Spreadability

Mainly refers to whether the product is easy to spread during application and whether it causes white streak phenomenon.

  • Permeability

Refers to whether the oils and active components in the skin care products are easy to penetrate into the skin during the application process.

  • Nourishability

Refers to the moisturizing sensation given to the skin by the skin care product.

  • Greasiness

Refers to whether the skin care product has an excessive greasy feeling during application.

  • Stickiness

Refers to the ease of picking up the cream with the finger and the shape of the cream at that point.

  • Direct applicability

The performance of the above indicators immediately after application.

  • Post-applicability

It refers to the situation of the above indicators after 10 min use of the cream.

2. Evaluation of performance of skin cleansing products and hair shampoo products

  • Dispersibility

Whether the sample is easily dispersed in the skin and hair during use.

  • Foaminess

Whether the foam of the product is rich, fine and stable in use.

  • Ease of rinsing

Whether the product is easy to rinse off after use.

  • Tightness

Whether the skin cleansing product has a noticeable tightness after use.

  • Degreasing

Whether the product is degreased after use.

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