Lotions generally refers to the liquid preparation for skin or cavity daubing or cleaning, which is extracted by appropriate methods. Water and ethanol are usually used as dispersing media. There may be separation of oil phase and water phase when emulsion lotion is stored, but it should be easily redistributed after shaking: the sediment after suspension lotion is placed should be easy to disperse and have enough stability after shaking; the lotion that is easy to deteriorate should be configured before use. Generally, lotion has the functions of cleaning, disinfection, antipruritic, astringency and protection. Commonly used benzyl benzoate lotion, calamine menthol lotion, etc.

LotionsFig.1 Calamine lotion is used to treat itching(wikipedia).

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Properties of Lotions

  • Most lotions are water or water alcohol systems; a small amount of alcohol is added to help dissolve the active ingredients and accelerate the evaporation of the solvent from the skin surface.
  • Most acne lotions are water alcohol that evaporates quickly, they are not sticky and dry.
  • Emulsion type lotion is usually not dry, depending on water content (higher water and/or less oil will make drying drier).
  • Lotion is easy to spread on large areas.
  • Lotion is suitable for hair area, prone to folliculitis / acne skin, trigeminal region.

The Process of Developing Lotions

The lotion can be prepared in the following ways:

(1) Grind the ingredients into a smooth paste, then carefully add the remaining liquid phase or large amount using a high-speed mixer or homogenizer. The classic example is the Calamine emulsion, consisting of fine powdered insoluble solids and retained in more or less permanent suspensions due to the presence of suspending agents and / or surfactants.

(2) Through chemical interactions in liquids. For example: the second lotion approved by USP XVII is a surfactant stabilized O/W type.


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