Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System Targeted Modification

Ferritin is an iron storage protein that is widely found in almost all living organisms and has the functions of storing and converting iron, maintaining cellular iron metabolic homeostasis, and protecting cells from oxidative damage. Ferritin subunits are capable of self-assembling into nanocages to load and transport drugs.

Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System Targeted Modification Services

Ferritin Nanoparticles Targeted Modification Services

CD Formulation can provide customers with enhanced ferritin modification services, including folic acid, photosensitizers, etc., which can be loaded into ferritin to enhance the targeting of drugs.

Ferritin Nanoparticles Characterization Services

CD Formulation improves the characterization of ferritin with a range of physical and chemical properties such as particle size, zeta potential determination, morphology determination, and iron content determination.

Solutions for Ferritin Nanoparticles

CD Formulation assays the drug loading rate, encapsulation rate, protein concentration, and in vivo release of ferritin nanoparticle delivery systems to improve customer-tailored solutions for better drug development and effective delivery.

Advantages of Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System

Permeability and Retention

As a carrier, ferritin has a particle size of 12 nm, which makes it easy to escape phagocytosis by the reticuloendothelial system in the blood circulation, with a long circulation time and a long half-life. It can also be used to enhance the drug accumulation at the lesion site by enhancing the permeation and retention effect and enhancing the drug efficacy.


Ferritin is a naturally occurring protein from living organisms with low toxicity, good biodegradability and biocompatibility, and is not prone to rejection reactions.


Ferritin is highly tolerant to temperature and pH and can maintain its original hollow structure over a wide pH range and can be maintained at a high temperature of 75°C for 10 minutes.


Innate tumor targeting: after drug administration, it is effectively enriched in tumor tissues due to EPR effect during the blood circulation.

Applications of Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery Systems

Chemical Drug Delivery Systems

Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System Targeted Modification Services

Ferritin is used as a delivery system to load chemical drugs, which can effectively avoid the rapid clearance of drugs in the body, prolong the half-life of drugs, reduce drug dosage, and also enable targeted drug delivery to improve the effect of drug uptake by cells.

Nucleic Acid or Peptide Drug Delivery Systems

Ferritin Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System Targeted Modification Services

Ferritin can be used as a delivery vehicle for gene drugs. Currently, nucleic acid drugs available for delivery include siRNA, miRNA and sgRNA.

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