Determination of Contact Angle of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmaceutical formulations are composed of a biologically active primary drug and excipients with specific functions. Surfactants are the most common functional excipients, which changes the contact angle between the liquid and the tablet by reducing the interfacial tension, thus improving the hygroscopicity of the tablet. CD Formulation can test the contact angle of pharmaceutical excipients to help customers better select surfactants, which in turn facilitates drug development and facilitate the commercialization of pharmaceuticals.

Determination of Contact Angle of Pharmaceutical Excipients

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Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration and Surface Tension

The properties of surfactants tend to change before and after the critical micelle concentration, as does their wettability. The drop weight method (Fig.1) was used to prepare a series of concentrated surfactant solutions.

Profile of a drop of liquid on a solid surface.Fig.1 Profile of a drop of liquid on a solid surface. Contact angle, contact radius and three interfaciall tensions, γ, between solid and liquid or vapor phases.

Determination of the Contact Angle of a Drop of Liquid on the Surface of a Surfactant-excipient Mixture

Determination of Dynamic Contact Angle of Droplets on the Surface of Excipients

In addition to the above services, CD Formulation also provides testing services for surface/interface tension, roughness modification contact angle, interface rheology, and surface free energy to help customers quickly grasp the information related to the contact angle of pharmaceutical excipients. Our services are first-class, helping you to develop the most appropriate product solutions based on relevant information and accelerate the commercialization of drugs.

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We strive to be a company providing the highest quality contact angle testing services for pharmaceutical excipients worldwide. To meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations will always be our goal. We will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, applying the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry through our services to drive the global healthcare business.

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