Construction Services for Polymer-Drug Conjugated Micelles Delivery Systems

Polymer micelles are self-assembled by amphiphilic polymers in selective solvents driven by intermolecular hydrogen bonds, electrostatic interactions and van der Waals forces. According to the different principles of self-assembly, polymer micelles can be classified into block polymer micelles, polyelectrolyte copolymer micelles, non-covalent bonding micelles, graft copolymer micelles, etc. Polymer micelles can increase the solubility of insoluble drugs, and micelles with low CMC have a long circulation time in blood. Since the surface of polymeric micelles can be easily modified, they can be prepared as drug carriers that bind specifically to tumor cells and reduce the toxic side effects of drugs on normal tissues, and they can also be prepared as polymeric micelles that are responsive to different pH, temperature, and reduction in the cells to achieve the targeting effect of polymeric micelles on the lesion.

Construction Services for Polymer-Drug Conjugated Micelles Delivery Systems

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Custom Polymeric Micelles Services

Construction Services for Polymer-Drug Conjugated Micelles Delivery Systems

CD Formulation has the expertise and experience in the field of drug delivery to customize the most appropriate drug delivery method to meet your drug needs. Our researchers can customize polymeric micelles with stable cross-linked structures by (irreversible) chemical, physical or ligand complexation cross-linking of specific parts of the micelle structure, which protects the encapsulated drug from the external environment.

Building Polymer-Drug Conjugated Micelles Delivery Systems

Construction Services for Polymer-Drug Conjugated Micelles Delivery Systems

CD Formulation can construct polymer-drug conjugated micelles, including single- and dual-loaded, gene and drug co-loaded polymeric drug conjugate micelles. We can also provide versatile modifications to polymer-drug conjugated micelles, including:

  1. Receptor-mediated active targeting of polymer-drug conjugated micelles, where targeting ligands are attached to the micelle surface for active targeting, including antibodies and their derivatives, transferrin, various peptides, small molecules, aptamers or some specific glycan fragments, etc.
  2. pH-sensitive polymer-drug conjugated micelles, using pH-sensitive polymeric materials with acid-base groups or acid-sensitive chemical bonds between the drug carrier and the polymer.
  3. Redox-sensitive polymer-drug conjugated micelles, which are mainly prepared by the difference in reduction potential between normal and tumor tissues and between the internal and external cellular environments.

CD Formulation focuses on providing a full range of integrated services to our customers, from the design of micelle structures, customization to the construction of polymer-drug conjugated micelles, we will do our best to facilitate your project.

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