Interleukin Delivery System Development

Interleukin is a type of cytokine produced by white blood cells and plays a regulatory role in immune responses. It and the blood cell growth factor are both cytokines. They coordinate and interact with each other to complete hematopoiesis and immune regulation functions. Interleukins can activate and regulate immune cells, mediate T and B cell activation, proliferation and differentiation, and play an important role in inflammatory responses. The development of interleukin delivery systems play a key role in regulating the immune system and shows great promise in treating a variety of diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop a reliable interleukin delivery system. CD Formulation has rich service experience in the development of the interleukin delivery system. With our excellent development team and advanced technology platform, our  experts have formulated a meticulous process to create an interleukin delivery system.

Figure 1. Interleukin-1 function and role in rheumatic disease.Figure 1. Interleukin-1 function and role in rheumatic disease. (Schett G, et al. 2016)

Advantages for Developing Interleukin Delivery System

  • Improved efficacy. We developed the interleukin delivery system to target and control the release of interleukins, maximizing their therapeutic potential.
  • Enhanced stability. We have greatly increased the stability and bioavailability of interleukins by modifying them and encapsulating them in the delivery system, guaranteeing maximum efficacy.
  • Reduced side effects. Our interleukin delivery system reduces drug side effects and has a higher safety profile.

Our Service of Interleukin Delivery System Development

Selection and Modification of Interleukin

Our professionals use cutting-edge modification methods to improve their targeted administration, stability, and bioavailability. Interleukins can be coupled to carrier molecules or encapsulated in nanostructured delivery systems, among other changes.

Formulation Design and Optimization

Our knowledgeable formulation scientists are hard at work creating the best possible delivery method for the modified Interleukin during this critical stage. When building the interleukin delivery system, variables like biocompatibility, release kinetics, and particular targeting are crucial. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and computational modeling to streamline the formulation design process

Safety Assessment

Before clinical trials, extensive preclinical evaluation is conducted to assess the safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic properties of the developed interleukin delivery system. This includes in vitro experiments, animal studies, and toxicity assessments to ensure the interleukin delivery system meets the highest regulatory standards and guarantees patient safety.

Application of Interleukin Delivery System Development

  • Cancer immunotherapy. Interleukins have shown great potential in promoting immune responses against cancer cells. The interleukin delivery system can target interleukin-2 to directly modulate the immune system, thereby enhancing its ability to eradicate tumors.
  • Autoimmune disease treatment. Delivering these interleukins to impacted tissues, lowering inflammation, and easing autoimmune disease symptoms are all made possible by the interleukin delivery system.
  • Infectious disease management. Interleukins can now be specifically delivered to infection sites, strengthening the host's defenses and increasing the effectiveness of antibiotics. This strategy has the potential to treat bacterial, fungal, and viral illnesses.

Highlights of Our Interleukin Delivery System Development Services

  • Expertise. We have extensive experience in drug delivery system development and in-depth knowledge of interleukin biology and drug delivery systems.
  • Cutting-edge technology. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to optimize interleukin delivery system formulations.
  • Quality assurance. We have the highest regulatory standards and employ stringent quality control measures.
  • Customized solutions. We provide customized solutions based on customer requirements to maximize satisfaction.

CD Formulation is an industry leader in the development of drug delivery systems. With our advanced development platforms and experienced research team, we provide high-quality interleukin delivery system development services to help researchers advance the study of interleukins in disease treatment. If you are interested in us, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Schett G, et al. Interleukin-1 function and role in rheumatic disease. Nat Rev Rheumatol. 2016, 12(1):14-24.
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