Excipients for Solid Dosage Form

Excipients for Solid Dosage Form

In solid formulations, the main drug is dispersed in excipients in the form of molecules, small solid particles or both states, forming a solid mixed system composed of multiple substances. As far as the physical state is concerned, the main drug is generally solid, but can also be semi-solid or liquid; as far as the source is concerned, the main drug can be a fully synthetic chemical drug or a semi-synthetic chemical drug with natural ingredients as raw materials. No matter how urgent the task of solid formulation production is, our abundant and comprehensive range of high quality raw materials and functional excipients can help you cope with it easily.

Solid preparation of excipients is based on the type of solid formulations, the nature of the main drug, the physiological environment of the drug delivery site and the actual needs of the pharmacological needs of disease treatment and other auxiliary formulations selected to enhance the efficacy, reduce or eliminate toxic side effects, improve drug stability, change the dissolution and absorption of drugs and the convenience of taking the necessary substances, is an important factor affecting the quality of solid formulations.

Classification of Solid Formulations Excipients

At present, commonly used solid dosage form excipients include: Binder, Coating Systems Excipients, Colorant, Disintegrants, Fillers, Film Former Excipients, Inclusion Compounds, etc.

Quality Requirements of Solid Formulations

The quality of the preparation covers the specific situation of the preparation in terms of appearance, safety, efficacy, stability, etc. To produce the expected therapeutic effect, solid formulations generally have disintegration, release, dissolution, absorption and other processes, any one of which will affect the actual efficacy of the drug.Solid formulations of excipients need to have the following characteristics:

  • Excipients should have a high chemical stability and not have any physical or chemical reaction with the main drug;
  • The excipients do not affect the therapeutic effect and content determination of the main drug;
  • The excipients are harmless, pentotoxic and free from adverse reactions to human body.
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