Compaction Excipients

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Background of Compaction Excipients

Compaction ExcipientsIn the past, excipients were considered inert, especially those from natural sources. However, due to advances in medical and pharmaceutical technology in the search for new drug delivery systems and dosage forms, the range of pharmaceutical excipients has been greatly expanded to include excipients of synthetic and semi-synthetic origin. Therefore, excipients are not currently considered to be completely inert substances, as excipients often interact with the API contained and may create unnecessary impurities or hinder the biopharmaceutical properties of the API contained in the dosage form. Compaction excipients are commonly used in solid dosage forms such as tablets, capsules and pills. If the powder cannot be compressed into a solid dosage form, compression can be enforced by adding an adhesive. Sometimes fillers are added before or after compaction to aid compaction.

Function of Compaction Excipients

  • Binder, carrier, capsule filling, compaction, diluent, direct compression, dry granulation, filler, granulation, multifunctional, natural origin, powder mixture, tablet compressibility.
  • Tablet lubricant, lipid matrix for sustained release, coating for protection and taste masking. Oral solid dosage forms in film coating, hot melt extrusion, rolling, spheronization, supercritical fluid extraction, viscosity modification, wet granulation, solid lipid nanoparticles, nano lipid carriers.
  • Lipid matrix for sustained release, coating for protection and taste masking.

Application of Compaction Excipients

  • Lipid substrate for continuous release, coating for protection and odor masking.
  • Usually used in solid dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, pills. If the powder cannot be compressed into a solid dosage form, it can be forcibly compressed by adding an adhesive.

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