Dry Powder Inhalation Excipients

Inhalers are becoming more and more popular as an efficient method of drug delivery. The success of these devices largely depends on the excipients used to carry the active ingredients. Dry powder inhalers (DPI) rely on advanced and well-designed excipients to deliver the correct active ingredients in the correct quantity to the correct location. These new methods provide benefits to patients by providing a wider range of therapeutic DPI products and provide new opportunities for the continued development of dry powder inhalers. In dry powder inhalation (DPI), the fastest growing and most important form of inhalation therapy, the effectiveness of the drug absolutely depends on the excipients used to carry it. Larger excipient particles release much smaller active ingredient particles into the patient's lungs, while they themselves deposit harmlessly on the throat.

Background of Dry Powder Inhalation Excipients

Dry Powder Inhalation Excipients

The dry powder inhalant carrier is used to aid the deposition of the drug's active ingredient in the lungs and acts as a diluent to quantify the drug:

1. Chemical properties: The dry powder inhaler carrier must be of suitable purity, including free from microbial contamination and free from exogenous proteins or impurities.

2. Physical properties: The physical properties of dry powder inhaler carrier materials include appropriate appearance, hydration, flow, surface energy, particle size and particle size distribution, etc.

3. The function and mechanism of dry powder inhaler carrier materials used to promote drug deposition in the lung, in order to better penetration in the lungs suitable location or absorbed drug carrier there are generally two kinds of situations: one case of osteoporosis drug adsorption on the carrier, the carrier and drug in the separation of the upper respiratory tract, the carrier is generally not deep into the respiratory tract, such as lactose; In other cases, both the drug and the carrier are transported deep into the lungs to release the drug, such as diketopiperyl fumarate. In addition, the dry powder inhaler carrier material is also used to dilute the drug's active ingredient, facilitating adequate and uniform delivery of the drug.

Function of Dry Powder Inhalation Excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients refer to excipients and adjuncts used in the production and dispensing of drugs, which are generally included in pharmaceutical preparations except active ingredients or precursors that have been reasonably evaluated in terms of safety. Pharmaceutical excipients are an important part of pharmaceutical preparations, which are the material basis to ensure the production and use of pharmaceutical preparations, and determine the performance, safety, effectiveness and stability of pharmaceutical preparations.

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