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About Capsule Excipients

Capsule excipients take on vital functions, directly impacting a drug's efficacy, stability, release profile and absorption. At CD Formulation, we understand excipients do far more than simply act as carriers, they influence the entire therapeutic experience. By providing high-quality capsule excipients as well as product customization, our goal is to maximize drug quality, effectiveness, and patient outcomes.

Our Featured Products

Cellulose excipients provide a stable matrix for encapsulating active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), ensuring uniform drug distribution and consistent release profiles. Cellulose excipients are known for their excellent moisture resistance, which helps preserve the integrity and stability of the capsules, even in challenging storage conditions.

Gelatin possesses excellent film-forming properties, making it an ideal choice for encapsulating APIs in capsule shells. Gelatin capsules offer numerous advantages, including ease of swallowing, rapid disintegration, and enhanced bioavailability.

Pioneering formulas also utilize pullulan, a natural starch derivative. This excipient stands out for stability, minimal moisture permeability and film-forming excellence. Its oxygen barrier function shields moisture-sensitive APIs from degradation, prolonging shelf life. Added benefits include suitability for vegetarian/vegan products to meet more consumer needs.

Applications of Our Capsule Excipients

  • Academic Research

Those in academic research rely on dependable excipients to propel drug development forward. Here at CD Formulations, our ingredients prove invaluable for formulating experimental dosage forms, assessing new delivery mechanisms, and completing a myriad of research initiatives.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Our excipients can be used by pharmaceutical companies to formulate solid dosage forms, including capsules and tablets. With their excellent compatibility, stability and controlled release capabilities, our excipients play a vital role in ensuring the efficacy, safety and patient compliance of pharmaceutical products.

  • Health Care Products Industry

Our excipients allow nutritional supplement companies to encapsulate vitamins, minerals and other dietary ingredients. Our excipients are high quality and versatile to effectively deliver these essential nutrients, ensuring optimal bioavailability and ease of consumption.

CD Formulation remains committed to providing exceptional customer service, tailored solutions, and continuous innovation in the realm of capsule excipients. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to ask any questions or engage in discussions about our products.

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