Gummies Health Products Development

Gel candy is made of sugar or sweetener, edible gum (or starch) as the main raw material, and made by the relevant process with elasticity and chewiness, also known as gummies. The explosive growth of gummies dietary supplements is not only from the high growth of the industry itself, but also from its close appearance to ordinary food and pleasant eating experience. Consumption of dietary supplements has exploded among consumers of all ages, and this has been accompanied by "pill fatigue". Most dietary supplements, are sold in the traditional forms of tablets, capsules, and oral liquids, and many people need to take large amounts throughout the day, which inevitably causes a lot of psychological pressure on consumers, thus driving innovation in dietary supplement dosage forms and prompting manufacturers to introduce more creative dosage forms to attract more consumers. CD Formulation provides professional gummies health products development services to help clients develop a variety of flavors of gummies and ensure the efficacy of the supplements, effectively completing the client's project requirements for gummies health products development.

Gummies Health Products Development

Advantages of Gummies Health Products

Gummies are used as snacks for a long time not look like medicine, but they also provide consumers with a tasty and portable way to consume nutrition, they can also attract more new users to join the consumption of dietary supplements.

Gummies can be swallowed without water and have a long shelf life.

Gummies health products have a wide variety of pleasant flavors that successfully mask the vitamin and mineral flavors.

Our Services

CD Formulation offers a complete solution for the development of gummy supplements, from formulation design, to sensory evaluation tests, texture and structure analysis, and finally to the design of the gummy packaging. We help our clients to reduce the development process and development expenses, and provide you with high quality products and services based on our quality control system.

Gummies health products formulation design

Our nutraceutical experts can provide you with formulation design for gummies by designing the ratio of nutraceutical ingredients, gels and syrups to provide you with the most suitable formulation solution.

Sensory evaluation test

We evaluate the organoleptic index of gummies supplements by using sensory scoring.

Texture analysis

We use the whole texture test mode, and take the middle level of the sample for measurement, each group of samples is measured 3 times in parallel.

Package design of gummies

Gummies are usually packaged in transparent PET bottles and wide-mouth bottles to reflect the distinctive and tasty vitamins of gummies, which can increase customers' desire to buy. We offer packaging solutions in a variety of colors and sizes, including unique bottle shapes and label design services.

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