Fish Embryo Test

The rapid development of the cosmetic industry has also brought about a lot of chaos, and although the existing experimental methods can evaluate the whitening and spot-removal efficacy of cosmetics to a certain extent, they cannot reasonably differentiate the product quality from the perspective of overall assessment of safety and efficacy. In addition, in vitro experiments used for whitening efficacy evaluation present their results digitally, which is not intuitive, visual and easy to understand, and cannot provide consumers with a concise and effective selection basis for purchasing cosmetics. CD Formulation uses zebrafish testing with both quantitative and accurate data standards and qualitative visual images, which is very convenient for consumers to understand product efficacy. In addition, the in vivo nature of the test allows the zebrafish test to evaluate cosmetic whitening while revealing possible external risk factors leading to non-targeted abnormal toxicity. Thus, it can improve the quality control level and consumer acceptance of cosmetics in general.

Fish Embryo Test

Advantages of Zebrafish Embryo Test

Zebrafish model is a low-cost and stable animal evaluation model suitable for large throughput, and its advantages as a cosmetic efficacy evaluation method are:

  1. high reproductive capacity, short reproductive cycle and high embryo yield.
  2. transparency of embryos, simple experimental treatment, and direct observation of the effect of substances on embryos.
  3. the high genetic similarity between zebrafish and humans, and the evaluation results obtained on zebrafish are also applicable to humans in most cases.

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CD Formulation utilizes zebrafish embryos as an alternative to toxicity detection to complete efficacy and safety evaluations for a wide range of cosmetic products. The results based on zebrafish embryos are generally applicable to humans, and the combination of high throughput, fast delivery, transparency and intuition, and low cost makes them well suited for cosmetic efficacy and safety testing and for use as an alternative test method for cosmetic testing.

CD Formulation has developed a zebrafish embryonic melanin inhibition test for cosmetic whitening efficacy, and defined the data processing and result determination criteria for this test method, which can help companies to test the whitening efficacy of their products and raw materials visually, visually and quickly, as well as for marketing purposes.

The test report includes:

Explanation of experimental results

Fish embryo survival rate graph

Fish embryo survival rate data

In addition to the above efficacy development, we also provide our clients with other cosmetic efficacy tests and feedback through the survival of fish embryos.

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