Cytokine Therapy Development

Cytokines are a class of small molecule proteins with a wide range of biological activities that are synthesized and secreted by immune cells (e.g., monocytes, macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, NK-cells, etc.) and certain non-immune cells (endothelial cells, epidermal cells, fibroblasts, etc.) upon stimulation. Cytokines can control cell development, differentiation, growth, survival and death, and are also capable of producing pathological effects that can promote inflammatory and/or autoimmune diseases, thus the development of cytokine therapies plays an important role in the applied treatment of cancer, autoimmune, infectious diseases and other diseases. However, the development of cytokines as therapeutics has been hindered by their pleiotropic nature, complex biology, and severe dose-limiting toxicity.

CD Formulation is an industry leader in cytokine development. Based on our advanced technology platform and experienced research team, we provide a variety of effective technical support and solutions for realizing the potential of cytokine therapies, which have greatly promoted the research process of cytokine therapies.

Figure 1. Cytokines exert stimulatory and suppressive signals on many types of immune cells.Figure 1. Cytokines exert stimulatory and suppressive signals on many types of immune cells. (Silk AW, et al. 2019)

Advantages for Developing Cytokine Therapy

  • Extended half-life. We chemically modify cytokines to significantly extend their half-life and improve pharmacokinetics. The most common form is a protein coupled to polyethylene glycol (PEG), called a polyethylene glycolized or antibody-cytokine fusion protein.
  • Enhanced cytokine specificity. We use gene mutagenesis to modify cytokines to alter their specificity and affinity for receptors, thereby enhancing anti-tumor effects.
  • Higher safety. We develop therapeutic cytokines that minimize adverse effects, making cytokine therapy potentially safer and more tolerable for patients.

What do We Offer for Cytokine Therapy Development?

Applications of Our Cytokine Therapy Development

  • Cancer immunotherapy. Cytokines can be used to enhance the body's immune response against cancer cells. For example, we have developed interleukin and interferon delivery systems that stimulate the activity of the immune system and help eliminate cancer cells.
  • Autoimmune diseases. Cytokine therapies can modulate the immune response, rebalancing the system and potentially alleviating symptoms. For example, we have developed the tumor necrosis factor delivery system, which improves therapeutic options for treating rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Infectious diseases. Cytokines play a critical role in the body's defense against infectious diseases. With cytokine therapy, we aim to enhance the immune response against pathogens and strengthen the body's defense mechanisms.

Highlights of Our Cytokine Therapy Development Services

  • Experienced. Our research team has many years of experience in drug development and can help researchers gain insight into the development of cytokine therapeutics.
  • Advanced drug development platform. We utilize the power of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to drive the development process of our cytokine therapies.
  • Customized solutions. We provide customized solutions based on client requirements to ensure experimental success.

CD Formulation is dedicated to the development of novel drug delivery systems, and we help researchers delve deeper into the development of cytokine therapies through the development of a wide range of drug delivery systems including chemokines, growth factors, interferons, and more. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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